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Five Reasons Why Prospective Franchise Owners Should Invest in A Seniors Helping Seniors® Franchise

The in-home care service brand’s strong focus on its franchise owners, proven business model and “Power of Love” mission are just a few of the reasons why the time to join is now.

By Taylor Karg1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 8:20PM 02/26/20

Since its founding in 1998, Seniors Helping Seniors® has been providing compassionate care to seniors. With more than 200 locations spanning over 30 states, the in-home care service franchise brightens the lives of seniors with a helping hand from fellow seniors who support their desire to live independently. 

Seniors Helping Seniors® has been able to establish itself as a standout company in the in-home senior care segment thanks to its multiple points of differentiation. These include a strong focus on franchise owners, an optimized and proven business model a community-driven atmosphere, strong operational support provided for franchise owners by the executive level and the brand’s mission to focus on love. These factors have all contributed to Seniors Helping Seniors®’ ability to provide compassionate care to the nation’s growing population of individuals aged 65 and above for the last 20 years. 

Below are five reasons why those looking to invest in a premier in-home care franchise should consider Seniors Helping Seniors®. 

A strong focus on franchise owners 

The Seniors Helping Seniors®’ executive team works closely with its franchise owners to continuously grow and improve the brand as a whole. The executive team provides franchise owners with the business support and training needed to start their own business and make the transition as efficient and stress-free as possible. 

Seniors Helping Seniors® prides itself on having an exceedingly supportive and strong leadership team in place to help franchise owners at each and every stage of the ownership process.

An optimized and proven business model

With over 20 years of experience in the senior care segment, Seniors Helping Seniors® showcases a proven business model for prospective franchise owners while still providing the opportunity for them to optimize the business and make it their own. The brand’s business model, in and of itself, is a major key differentiator. Seniors Helping Seniors® focuses on employing seniors as caregivers and aligns caregivers and clients based on the abilities and needs of both through its wide range of services. 

The brand’s business model consists of numerous categories of care including, but not limited to: companionship, light housekeeping, cooking and shopping, personal care assistance and pet care. Additionally, Seniors Helping Seniors® offers dementia and Alzheimer’s care, in which clients are paired with trained caregivers who can provide them with specialized care.  

Seniors Helping Seniors® is both a personally rewarding and financially advantageous franchise opportunity. As a result of the wide range of care Seniors Helping Seniors® provides, franchise owners are able to make a substantial return on investment. 

A community-driven business model 

Because Seniors Helping Seniors® provides a myriad of opportunities to give and receive care, it allows for franchise owners to become actively involved in their communities and give back to those around them. Franchise owners can increase their own community profile by partnering with organizations around them, such as Meals on Wheels or Senior Food Boxes.  

Additionally, the Seniors Helping Seniors® leadership team encourages exceptional relationships between each franchise partner. Whether it be calling upon one another for advice or best practices, calling leadership to answer questions or attending expos together, the franchise partners at Seniors Helping Seniors® foster the utmost support and are extremely helpful to each other. 

Ongoing operational support from the executive team 

Throughout all stages of the ownership process, Seniors Helping Seniors® provides its franchise owners with unrivaled support. For one, the leadership team offers individual coaching calls to discuss market specific strategies, and individualized operational support. The brand also hosts a monthly community call featuring topics relevant to franchise owners and the senior care industry.

The brand hosts sales-training webinars and website training to ensure each owner is up to speed on the latest best practices and technological updates. Seniors Helping Seniors® also sends out a weekly newsletter whose content is designed to provide franchise owners, caregivers and clients with an additional resource on senior care. The newsletter features topics such as “What Seniors Need to Know About Adopting a Pet” or “Avoiding Heat Stress”. 

Making a difference through the Power of Love®

And, last but certainly not least, Seniors Helping Seniors® is focused on showing support through the Power of Love® by fostering long-lasting and compatible relationships between the client and caregiver. Through its “power of love” model, the brand ensures that each client feels seen, heard and supported in their independent lifestyle while also providing them the opportunity to give as much as they receive. 

The investment level to open a Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise ranges from $86,785 to $141,390, which includes an initial fee of $45,000 that must be paid to the franchisor. To learn more about franchising with Seniors Helping Seniors®, please visit