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Seniors Helping Seniors® Identifies Gap in Senior Care Segment – Clients are Asking for More, as Record Number of Seniors Age in Home

Brand Announces 360° Standard to Highlight Its Commitment to Providing Warm, Compassionate Care; Re-Emphasizes its Mission to Provide Loving Care to Seniors Who Want to Age in Place.

Since its foundation in 1998, Seniors Helping Seniors® has focused on the delivery of a superior customer experience through its in-home senior care program. Yet, the leadership found the deliverables limiting – both to their end customer and their franchisees.

“Our clients have always celebrated the relationship with our company. However, they have also asked for more,” said Kiran Yocom, founder. “We were tired of having to say no to their needs, yet, we needed to ensure operational excellence before delivering a new level of service to them.”

Yocom, along with the leadership of the 200+ unit brand that employs active seniors to help their fellow seniors age in place, worked tirelessly to create a full-service offering branded 360°. 

“There is no better term to describe it,” said Philip Yocom, CEO. “360° is all encompassing. No matter who we ask what does 360 mean to them – the answers are similar – holistic, full-circle, all encompassing. Blended with our operational standards, we are confident this new program will help us stand out not only to our customers, but our franchise owners.”

The leadership team also emphasized the value of community and highlighted how Seniors Helping Seniors® is not just about helping individuals, but helping entire families by providing peace of mind to family members who worry about their loved ones. Thanks to Seniors Helping Seniors®, they can take comfort in knowing their loved ones are receiving supportive and loving care. 

“To me, 360° means putting seniors and their families first and providing unique care through a uniquely caring community,” said Howard Algeo, Seniors Helping Seniors® Director of Business Development and Training. 

For Seniors Helping Seniors®, a 360° view also means emphasizing the importance of teamwork among leadership, franchise owners and caregivers. When all parties work together, seniors and families benefit tremendously. What’s more, leadership, franchise owners and caregivers feel good about the brand and knowing they are all part of a larger mission. 

“360° means taking an all-encompassing look at the business and realizing that when you provide warm, compassionate care, everybody benefits,” Seniors Helping Seniors® Vice President of Operations Daniel Jan said. “We are all in this together as a team and we can provide it all for our receivers.” 

Franchise owners will offer a full circle of care, with a focus on warm, compassionate care every day, every hour, every second and at every level. With 360°, Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise owners and the seniors they employ are setting the stage for a loving and compassionate relationship with those who receive their care.

“The 360° rollout will include scale – ensuring franchise owners are ready and equipped to deliver excellence to our customers,” said Glenn Leingang, Director of Franchise Development. “ “Having a 360° view at Seniors Helping Seniors® means possessing a true desire to find franchise owner candidates who are mission-oriented and have the capacity and drive to obtain exceptional results.”

Randy and Judy Loubier, franchise owners in New Hampshire have been pioneering Seniors Helping Seniors 360® for the brand and noted the meaning of the concept as, "Completing the Circle of Care". 


“To me, 360° means to truly complete the circle of care by taking care of aging adults who desire top quality care, loving kindness and encircling them with an ability to address each need from day one to the end of life,” Judy Loubier said. “These people desire and deserve to be surrounded by caregivers who have become part of the family, who love them, and who can step up as the need arises in order to provide medications, bed baths, transfers, all from a place in our hearts that got this started in the first place. 360° gives us the opportunity, it gives us a voice, and it speaks to the vision.”

Seniors Helping Seniors® was founded in 1998 when husband-and-wife team Philip and Kiran Yocom decided to open a business that would provide loving and compassionate in-home care to seniors. Kiran, who grew up in India, was inspired by Mother Teresa and the work she was doing in the country. After years of donating her weekly allowance to The Sisters of Charity, Kiran became a follower of the Catholic nun and worked alongside her to help with humanitarian efforts. This work solidified Kiran’s belief in providing loving and empathetic care to seniors and provided the foundation for Seniors Helping Seniors®. Kiran moved to the U.S. in 1995 and married Philip shortly after that. In 1998, the Yocoms founded Seniors Helping Seniors® in Reading, Pennsylvania as a non-profit. In 2006, the Yocoms decided to leverage Philip’s franchising experience and opened the business for franchising. 

Seniors Helping Seniors® stands out in a crowded senior care industry by focusing on the practice of employing active seniors to provide services to their less active counterparts, referred to as receivers. Caregivers help receivers take care of the day-to-day tasks that become more challenging with age while also earning supplemental income. Both are carefully matched based on the receiver’s specific needs, as well as personality and preferences. What’s more, Seniors Helping Seniors® emphasizes building a deep and long-lasting relationship between caregivers and receivers. 

“At Seniors Helping Seniors®, we put love at the center of everything we do,” Kiran said. “We truly believe in The Power of Love® and Bringing Love into the lives of Seniors with Dignity and Respect®. In order to get to that stage of love, though, everything must begin with warmth. We want to emphasize that heartfelt and compassionate care to our franchise owners.” 

The brand started franchising in 2006 and has since grown to over 200 locations in more than 30 states, plus seven international locations. Seniors Helping Seniors® is continuing to expand its footprint across the U.S. and the globe and welcomes conversations with prospective franchisees who have high business acumen and want to give seniors The Gift of Independence®.