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FORBES: As Businesses Begin to Reopen, Brands Must Adapt Their Operations and Follow New Guidelines

Steve Beagelman of SMB Franchise Advisors shares best practices for brands to reopen safely

COVID-19 forced many businesses in various industries to pivot their operational models to make ends meet amid business closures and stay-at-home orders. As states begin reopening, business owners now have to consider how they will operate under new COVID-19 guidelines such as following social distancing rules, taking cleanliness and sanitation measures and limiting interaction between customers and employees. 

In an article in Forbes, SMB Franchise Advisors Founder Steve Beagelman shares insight into how businesses should adapt with an unknown future ahead. 

“For one, businesses across every industry will need to adopt options for a virtual or contactless model, whether it is tele-medicine, live-streamed workouts or third-party delivery for example. Rather than trying to upgrade systems and processes used in the past, businesses now have the opportunity to implement new, more impactful digital strategies,” said Beagelman. “The trend toward digital began long before the arrival of COVID-19, and it certainly isn’t going to slow down now. From here on, every franchisee will need to be trained on best practices for utilizing technology to limit non-essential person-to-person interaction.” 

Beagelman said brands that openly address how they are keeping customers and staff safe during the reopening process will be the ones that will win once the pandemic slows down.

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