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Forbes: Founder and CEO of SMB Franchise Advisors Discusses How to Tackle Discovery Day in a COVID World

Founder and CEO of SMB Franchise Advisors Steve Beagelman weighs in on in-person and virtual discovery days for franchises.

COVID-19 has forced many franchisors to shift their Discovery Days to a virtual platform. Now, with restrictions lifting in many states, it’s time to decide whether to shift back to in-person Discovery Days. In a recent Forbes article, Founder and CEO of SMB Franchise Advisors Steve Beagelman shares the pros and cons of both in-person and virtual Discovery Days.

A Discovery Day is a critical day for potential franchisees since they finally get to meet corporate team members and fully understand the company’s culture and values, said Beagelman. There are certainly benefits to having Discovery Day in person and virtually.

“From tasting the food in restaurant concepts to trying the service, in-person Discovery Days give potential franchisees the opportunity to really experience the brand,” Beagelman told Forbes. “This is especially crucial if a brand is trying to expand outside of their region and the potential franchisee is from a market without a nearby location to visit.”

According to Beagelman, there is something to be said about meeting in-person for relationship building. However, the virtual option allows franchisors to save a lot of money on airfare, hotels and food. It also allows franchisors to bring several franchisees together in one place.

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