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Forbes: IFE 2019 - A Crash Course

SMB Franchise Advisors President and CEO Steve Beagelman breaks down what newcomers to the International Franchise Expo can expect ahead of the franchise industry's biggest event.

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
SPONSORED 8:20PM 05/22/19

Ahead of the franchise industry's signature annual event, the International Franchise Expo, SMB Franchise Advisors president and CEO Steve Beagelman penned a column for Forbes that breaks down what first-time attendees—both franchisors and franchisees—stand to gain from this year's event in New York City, so long as they come prepared. 

Having the right mindset and a set agenda for information-gathering can help franchisors and franchisees make the most of their time at IFE. Franchisors should make sure their brand messaging is on point, while prospective franchisees should be aware of what kind of investment they are able to make, according to Beagelman.

"IFE is a unique setting designed with prospective franchisees in mind; as such, it’s important to take advantage of its setup," Beagelman writes. "When walking the floor, candidates should approach brands inquisitively and remain observant throughout their conversations. There are certain things that vary between franchisors, and the onus is on the candidate to ask strong questions in order to determine whether an opportunity makes sense for them."

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