How Working with SMB Franchise Advisors is Helping GYMGUYZ Experience Growth on a Global Scale | 1851 Franchise

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How Working with SMB Franchise Advisors is Helping GYMGUYZ Experience Growth on a Global Scale
How Working with SMB Franchise Advisors is Helping GYMGUYZ Experience Growth on a Global Scale
Since enlisting the help of SMB Franchise Advisors in 2012, GYMGUYZ has expanded into international markets and surpassed the milestone 100-unit mark.

When Josh York first founded GYMGUYZ, he set out on a mission to change the game in the booming fitness industry. Instead of having clients come to a specific gym, York realized that there was an opportunity to bring professional trainers and state of the art fitness equipment directly to his customers. As soon as he opened for business, GYMGUYZ’s unique concept quickly caught on. Realizing that he had tapped into a previously underserved segment of the fitness industry, York knew that he needed to expand. But he wasn’t sure how to capitalize on the brand’s full growth potential.

After looking into different expansion opportunities, York decided that he wanted to make GYYMGUYZ a franchise. Between creating a proven concept that can be easily replicated in a wide variety of markets and being able to leverage a franchisee’s capital, time and resources, the business model offered a long list of benefits that couldn’t be matched. That’s why York turned to SMB Franchise Advisors for help. 

“I knew that I was interested in franchising, but I wasn’t sure which route I wanted to go. That’s when I heard about Steve and the team at SMB Franchise Advisors and decided to reach out,” said York. “As soon as I had the chance to talk to Steve, I was confident that SMB was a brand that I wanted to be involved with. And they’ve exceeded my expectations every step of the way since then. SMB has helped take GYMGUYZ from one location to 115.”

GYMGUYZ first started working with SMB Franchise Advisors back in 2012, and enlisted the brand to help build their entire franchise concept from the ground up. From planning franchise sales and development initiatives to ensuring that everything was operational on the back end of the business, SMB and GYMGUYZ teamed up to create a model that was both sustainable and attractive for prospective business owners.

But according to York, the biggest thing that SMB helped GYMGUYZ with was its infrastructure.

“Franchising a business requires a lot of hard work, and without help, it’s hard to know where to start. SMB guided us step by step through the process and explained what needed to be done to create a concept that had the power to last and go worldwide,” said York. “There’s no doubt that they played an instrumental role in creating the GYMGUYZ brand that’s now taking off in communities around the world. Steve and the rest of the SMB team are truly experts. It’s incredibly helpful for us to gain their advice and insight—they know what they’re doing.”

Founded by Steve Beagelman, SMB Franchise Advisors was created with the mission to provide the best possible franchise consulting services from start to finish. Whether brands are just breaking into the franchising industry or are experienced systems looking to grow, SMB ensures that clients like GYMGUYZ are taking full advantage of their opportunity to grow. To do that, the brand offers its customers a wide variety of services.

From preparing the necessary legal documents needed to franchise to setting training standards and validation programs for franchisees, SMB leaves no stone left unturned when it comes to helping a brand get their unique business ownership opportunity off the ground. And as SMB continues to work with even more concepts, its expertise and experience in the field will only continue to become more prominent.

“SMB is designed to make brands like GYMGUYZ and franchisors like Josh successful. It’s incredibly rewarding to help others realize their entrepreneurial dreams, and we’re looking forward to continuing to help new concepts down the line,” said Beagelman. “When brands come to us for help, we really go above and beyond to become a part of their team and not be viewed just as an outside resource. That’s what makes our approach to franchise consulting so unique—we tailor our services to each brand’s individual goals.”