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Longtime Lawyer Will Jameson Is Fulfilling His Passion For Helping People With Spadea Lignana

Will Jameson is helping franchisors big and small find solutions to even the toughest challenges in franchising.

By Sarah Baumann1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 3:15PM 03/08/21

After a long stretch as a general counsel helping to build franchise companies like AAMCO and Cottman Transmission, Will Jameson switched gears back to private practice to represent franchisors both big and small with Spadea Lignana.

Spadea Lingnana, an elite franchise law firm, serves hundreds of franchisor clients nationally. Like founding partner Tom Spadea, many of Spadea Lignana’s attorneys have worked as executives in the franchise industry. Their insider knowledge and experience allow them to offer its clients real world solutions and navigate problems that come with growing a brand through franchise.

For Jameson, however, the world of franchise law is unique — and a place he says he fits into well.

“I like that franchise law has its own world and own dimension. I like that I get to be really good at one thing as opposed to being a general practitioner of sorts, taking any client or case that comes through the door,” he said. “I prefer to know franchising really well and keep my world there. I think that makes me most effective.”

Jameson said it was the client-forward atmosphere and transparency that attracted him to working with Spadea Lignana. 

“I enjoy the atmosphere I’m working in,” said Jameson. “It’s modern, much different from what I was used to at other firms before I went in-house. Tom’s totally transparent and always telling you where you stand. It’s all about getting work done and making clients happy while you’re doing it.”

In fact, it’s the relationships Jameson has built with his clients that he finds are the most exciting and fulfilling part of his job. 

“When I approach a client relationship, I try to understand the particular franchisor’s needs,” he said. “When they hop on board, we’ll do an initial interview to talk about their background and see what motivates them. Knowing their back story and what they really want to achieve over the long term is important. It helps us, as their lawyers, craft our advice to be in sync with their vision.”

Spadea Lignana has a unique approach to its day-to-day operations. The firm divides its attorneys into pods, which are headed by one experienced franchise attorney and supported by a group of paralegals. This ensures there are multiple points of contact and no client's question or request goes unanswered. Jameson is a pod leader himself, and he says the experience allows him to develop deeper client relationships so he can better give them the strong support they deserve. There is also tremendous cooperation with the other pods and attorneys in the firm. With so many experienced franchise attorneys in one place, every client question or issue gets the attention it deserves.

“Operating in a pod makes a lot of sense. A lot of the value add we provide to our clients is that we’re able to speak to a variety of needs — whether they’re a startup or a more established franchisor,” he said. “It’s about getting to know a lot of different clients, finding out what’s important to them and reaching or exceeding their expectations as a firm. That’s how you build solid relationships, good friendships and long-term, loyal clients.”

Jameson notes that even though he’s been a lawyer a long time, his experience with Spadea Lignana constantly improves his practice. The fast-paced environment and the connections he’s made with clients keep him on his toes and excited about what he does and what will happen tomorrow.

“There’s always work to do, and always a new client issue. I still run into things I'm not familiar with, and, at the end of it, after collaborating with my peers, it makes me a better lawyer and a more valuable resource for my clients,” he said.

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