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Husband-and-Wife Team Announces Opening of 15 Squeeze Massage Shops in Boston

With their combined operational and franchising experience, Brian and Christina Boucher are hoping to revolutionize the way massages are offered in the Greater Boston area.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 03/15/24

It was more than just shared aisles and retail strategies that brought Brian and Christina Boucher together — it was a shared dream. Meeting amid the hustle of corporate careers at Target, the couple discovered not only a mutual love for each other, but also a united passion for entrepreneurship and wellness. Now, they're channeling this shared passion into their newest venture, Squeeze Massage, the upscale massage franchise from the founders of Drybar

From Retail to Family … to Franchising

Brian's career trajectory through major retail giants like Target, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and Under Armour — followed by his role as chief operating officer at one of the largest Planet Fitness franchisees — has equipped him with a wealth of operational expertise. Christina also brings a strong foundation in retail management and operations: Starting at Target in entry-level management, she eventually became a group merchandise leader responsible for 79 stores. 

After meeting in their respective corporate roles with Target, Brian and Christina hit it off and were soon ready to start a new adventure: family life. 

“Leaving Target to start our family was a tough decision, given my passion for work,” said Christina. “However, we knew we were committed to opening our own franchise when the time was right. Before that, I joined a start-up and helped them get the business off the ground, all of which set the stage for franchising.”

In 2022, the couple decided it was finally time to dive into their own entrepreneurial venture and quickly determined franchising was the way to go. 

“The idea was not to start a private venture from scratch but to align with a franchise model that could offer the support needed for rapid scaling,” said Brian. “We sought a fresh, emerging concept, steering clear of saturated markets. Our focus was on finding a franchise that was just beginning to make its mark, with few to no existing locations, to truly be part of something groundbreaking."

Why Squeeze?

Although the couple researched several franchise brands, discovering Squeeze was a major turning point in their due diligence process, Christina says. 

“It checked all of our boxes, thanks to its mission, the emphasis on people and its innovative approach,” she said. “Plus, since it was an emerging brand, we knew we could have a voice in the system and could help impact today, tomorrow and the future of Squeeze.”

Since being founded in 2017, Squeeze has adeptly filled a market gap with its "affordable luxury" concept, offering massage services that are both high-quality and accessible. Built by the masterminds behind Drybar, Squeeze is quickly becoming one of the most exciting franchise players in the massage industry. 

“The franchise has a well-developed playbook, ensuring that every franchisee understands the business model is both comprehensive and straightforward to implement,” Brian said. “Additionally, we were attracted to the culture being cultivated within the team — optimistic, supportive and forward-thinking.” 

When it comes to the day-to-day operations, every aspect of Squeeze’s business model was thoughtfully designed with future operators in mind. Unlike other franchise concepts, Squeeze even provides a centralized guest experience team as a first tier of support available to its franchisees (referred to as “operating partners”) and their teams seven days a week. This includes a comprehensive operations manual, favorable supply chain agreements for quality products and services, and advanced technology support. Their tech offerings include an app-based booking and payment platform, an internal CRM system, and other software solutions to streamline operations. 

Another critical factor for the Bouchers was their focus on health and wellness, which is a significant part of their lives. 

“We knew from personal experience that Squeeze perfectly filled the gap in the market between low-quality, affordable massages and high-end, costly ones,” said Brian. “The concept reminded us of the success of Drybar but applied to the massage industry, highlighting the potential for scalability and success."

Squeeze goes beyond the traditional massage model, offering a customer experience rooted in modernity and convenience. Utilizing an industry-leading technology platform, for example, Squeeze allows guests to browse therapists, book appointments and even customize their massage preferences, all within the platform. Guests can also review all-inclusive pricing where extras like deep tissue, heat therapy, aromatherapy, prenatal massage and percussion therapy don’t cost extra, as well as a friendly and value-packed membership program with deeply discounted massages, month-to-month commitments and the ability to gift massages to friends and family. 

The Squeeze Difference and Future Plans 

With plans to open 15 shops in the Greater Boston area, at an average rate of two or three per year, the Bouchers are committed to scaling alongside the Squeeze brand. 

“Everything about Squeeze has exceeded our expectations — the people, the culture, the support, the business model,” said Brian. “They’ve been incredibly open from day one and listened to our feedback, thoughts, requests, ideas. What they’ve built is amazing, but they are open to listening so that everyone can be successful. That is a true testament to the culture they’ve built around the brand.”

As Squeeze continues to expand, with over 85 locations in development and plans to sign over 100 units by the end of 2024, the brand represents an attractive opportunity for potential franchisees who share the same vision for health, wellness and community. 

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