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Executive Q&A: Strategic Franchising Systems President Chris Seman

1851 Franchise spoke with SFS President Chris Seman to learn more about the company's history and goals.

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1851 Franchise: Can you tell us about the history of the company?

Chris SemanStrategic Franchising Systems started 25 years ago in the home services industry. As we entered that industry, it became evident that we had several opportunities to help small business owners thrive. We started looking for complementary businesses that would fit into low-cost startup commodities with high-demand products. Eventually, that led to the portfolio we have today, which features five amazing franchise brands in the service industry.

1851: What void does the company fill?

Seman: When we were building out our portfolio of franchise opportunities, we were really looking for businesses that the average middle-class person could get into easily. We don’t want the types of concepts that are so expensive and complicated that only wealthy people can invest in them. Our goal is to allow average entrepreneurs to succeed by starting a low-cost business that falls into a unique niche that is not currently serviced. All five of our brands allow franchisees to fill a much-needed demand in their community with the backing of a proven and low-cost business model. 

1851: Why is SFS a strong franchise opportunity?

Seman: Our overall support philosophy is that most owners have never owned their own business, so we are structured to get people up and running fast and successfully. We want them to have all the tools, resources and support they need to secure their future and take control of their destiny. When we train our franchisees, we dig deep into their unique situation and find the best path forward for their individual goals. That ensures they will be better able to deliver the service and succeed in the industry.

In terms of the investment, it isn’t just the initial cost of purchasing the franchise that is low; we’ve also worked to keep the ongoing costs of maintaining and running the business down. Usually, any business has two heavy costs: labor and marketing expenses. We’ve worked on creating businesses that don’t require a ton of labor to get up and running. We have also found the concepts that really generate business by themselves, as long as the franchisee is involved in the community. That reduces the time to break even. 

These are all passion-based businesses. We want to find like-minded people who are highly invested in the concept and are driven to reach their goals. Creating success isn’t focusing on making money. It’s about making a difference in your community and doing something that you love every day. If that is your focus, the money will come.

1851: Why is now the time to buy this franchise? 

Seman: When you look at business ownership, it is all about determining what the consumer is going through in their marketplace. Right now, there is high consumer demand for all SFS brands, which allows franchisees to be successful. 

Additionally, while the world is going through a lot of challenges and economic uncertainties right now, all of our businesses are created to offer services that people need regardless of the economic environment. That isn’t going to change. When you run your own business at this level, you ultimately control your own success. As long as you make your customers happy, the demand will always be there, and you will be able to grow. 

1851: What are your growth goals?

Seman: For all of our brands, 2021 was our highest revenue-producing year ever and our highest year for franchise sales. The fact that we’ve still grown despite the challenges of the pandemic demonstrates the strength of our concepts in all situations.

Now, in 2022 and beyond, we are looking to maintain that level of growth. There is still so much opportunity for us, and we want to keep the momentum going. There is a lot of positive action happening in the franchise world, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

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