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Sunny Street Café® President Explains Why Breakfast and Brunch are Booming

Mike Stasko shares insights into the growing popularity of breakfast and brunch dining, citing factors such as the pent-up demand for dining out and communal nature of the meals.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
Updated 4:16PM 05/17/24

Sunny Street Café® President Mike Stasko Jr. recently joined Dave Briggs at Cheddar to discuss the growing trend of breakfast and brunch dining, shedding light on why these meals are gaining popularity — especially post-COVID. 

"I think there was pent-up demand to go out and eat, that service and that community element," Stasko said. "And breakfast and brunch is a little more approachable in that way. You know, join family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere — it’s a little easier on the pocketbook."

 Stasko discussed other factors contributing to the trend, including the flexibility of breakfast foods being consumed throughout the day and the appeal to young families seeking a family-friendly environment. He also highlighted the significance of alcoholic beverages like mimosas enhancing the brunch experience, alongside the popularity of non-alcoholic options like iced coffee.

"Alcohol sales can definitely be a big part of the bottom line," Stasko said. "And we offer Mimosa service and, you know, a very simple kind of boozy brunch at most of our restaurants."

In terms of menu favorites, Stasko mentioned classics like eggs, bacon and hash browns, as well as newer offerings like Bananas Foster pancakes, which have been a hit with customers. Despite challenges brought on by inflation, Stasko emphasized the importance of providing value and quality to customers, which has helped maintain foot traffic and mitigate the impact of rising costs.

"In terms of menu favorites, we offer our full menu from 6:30 to 2:30," Stasko said. "And we see a majority of folks still coming in for eggs, bacon and hash browns around lunchtime to mix it up."

Stasko also touched on the rise of corporate catering, noting the opportunity it presents for small and mid-sized restaurants. Sunny Street Cafe has capitalized on this trend with its hot breakfast catering, aligning employers' efforts to incentivize employees as they return to the office.

"Breakfast catering in particular has been wide open," Stasko said. "We spent a lot of time on it maybe seven, eight years ago and developed a program, and we're just double-digit growth year after year on it. To be able to do hot breakfast rather than continental or doughnuts or those kinds of things is a really unique offering.” 

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