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The Dallas Express: Sunny Street Café Brings Home-Style Food to DFW

Mike Stasko Jr, President of Sunny Street Café, says the company's commitment to quality, service and a welcoming atmosphere are cornerstones of its success.

Sunny Street Café, the better breakfast franchise, has expanded significantly since its inception in Ohio in 2007. Mike Stasko Jr., the recently appointed president of Sunny Street Café, spoke to The Dallas Express to discuss how the brand has grown to 22 locations across the United States, the strength of the franchise opportunity and plans for the future. 

To start, Stasko says the brand’s growth has always been part of a deliberate strategy to involve family in the business. Stasko, the son of Sunny Street Café Founder Michael Stasko Sr., plays crucial roles in the trajectory of the brand along with his siblings.

“Given that we are a family-first organization, we do not want to build out something that is not sustainable,” Stasko told The Dallas Express. 

Stasko describes the team’s business approach as "controlled growth," noting that while the family owns 10 of the restaurants, the remaining 12 are franchised. This structure allows them to maintain significant involvement in the company's operations while carefully selecting franchise partners to ensure the brand's values and sustainability are upheld. 

Each café operates daily from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., for example, a schedule that benefits customers, employees and franchisees by promoting work-life balance. This operation model is part of the brand’s broader strategy to create a favorable workplace environment and foster community among patrons and staff alike. 

“People want to be a part of a community,” Stasko said. “We have employees who have worked with us for 10 to 15 years in some locations.”

Stasko also points out that the brand’s menu is designed to cater to diverse tastes, featuring everything from signature pancakes to custom breakfast burritos, emphasizing fresh, made-from-scratch meals that offer a comforting and enjoyable dining experience.

“We make a mean breakfast burrito,” Stasko said. “However, I have converted into a pancake lover because they are so good.” 

Looking ahead, Stasko highlights the DFW area as a key region for potential expansion, projecting that it could support 15 to 20 of their stores. The family prioritizes sustainable growth over rapid expansion, aiming to build a lasting presence in the communities they serve.

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