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5 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Sylvan Learning Franchise

Extensive due diligence and research on the desired market will go a long way in helping prospective franchisees decide whether the supplemental and enrichment education brand is the right business opportunity for them.

Sylvan Learning has over 40 years of experience and more than 750 points of presence throughout North America, and the supplemental and enrichment education brand is continuing to expand its footprint. Sylvan Learning currently has available markets for franchising across the country and seeks franchisees who are passionate about bringing educational opportunities to their communities.

“The advice I give to every single candidate considering Sylvan Learning or any other franchise opportunity is to allow for a heavy due diligence period—getting as much information as you can and talking to as many stakeholders in the business opportunity you’re considering is crucial to gathering enough information to make an informed decision,” CEO John McAuliffe said. 

Here are five things to know and research before franchising with Sylvan Learning. 

Know the Community and Market 

Who a franchisee knows in their community can be a big indicator of their success, according to Sylvan Learning franchisee Delia Navarro. Navarro worked at Sylvan Learning’s Bakersfield, California center starting in 2008 and opted to purchase it in 2016. It proved to be an easy transition, as Navarro was already very familiar with her community and had already been working with local school districts and programs. 

“Knowing the community you’re going to serve is very important,” Navarro said. “Whether you’re familiar with the schools or the local chamber of commerce, who you know is going to provide a great window into what franchising with Sylvan Learning will look like. The franchise opportunity creates a beautiful platform to make a positive impact in your community.” 

Research the Competition

In addition to familiarizing themselves with their market and potential clientele, prospective Sylvan Learning franchisees should also research the local competition. The way Navarro sees it, franchisees need to know what they’re up against. 

“When you know who the competition is, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how you’re going to fit in your community and serve your customers in a way no one else can,” she said. 

Do a Self-Assessment

Sylvan Learning prides itself on providing franchisees with a business opportunity that can offer a deep emotional return on investment. To that end, prospective franchisees should think about what kind of franchise owner they want to be. If they desire to be less hands-on, they’ll need to make sure they hire the right people to help with the day-to-day management of their centers. A franchise is a big investment, so it is important to have a true passion for the industry and be committed to the business. 

“Being a mom myself, I see the value in a brand like Sylvan Learning every day—it’s so rewarding to watch the students grow and work with such an amazing team of people,” Navarro said. “It doesn’t feel like work. I think a lot of people look for a place that excites them and where they know they’re contributing a sense of purpose, and that’s what we do at Sylvan Learning.”

A Strong Franchisee Community

Navarro cited a tight-knit franchisee community as another reason to franchise with the Sylvan Learning brand. 

“Sylvan Learning franchisees have such a great community of support, not just formally from the leadership team but also from each other,” Navarro said. “As franchise owners, we frequently tap into each other’s knowledge both through regular communication and through the conferences we hold.” 

Be Prepared to be Flexible

Sylvan Learning franchisees should be willing to be flexible in order to meet the needs of students, according to franchisee Linda Trinh Pham. The California-based franchisee owns and operates two Sylvan Learning centers, one in Huntington Beach and another in Laguna Niguel. When it comes to meeting the needs of today’s consumer, she advises prospective franchisees to be open to offering online learning solutions

“Some families prefer virtual learning given their busy schedules, so be prepared to offer that,” she said. “Research virtual platforms and other modes of instruction.” 

By prioritizing extensive due diligence and engaging in deep introspection, prospective franchisees can determine whether a Sylvan Learning franchise is the right business opportunity for them. 

The startup costs for a Sylvan Learning franchise range from $70,270 to $163,625. The franchise fee is $24,000. To learn more about franchising with Sylvan Learning, visit

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