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Cheddar: Sylvan Learning Pivots Strategy as Pandemic Upends the Start of the School Year

Sylvan Learning CEO John McAuliffe discusses how the brand pivoted to support remote learning during COVID-19.

Cheddar, a live and on demand video news network, spoke to Sylvan Learning CEO John McAuliffe about how the brand was able to adapt to the changing circumstances of this school year. With many schools opting for virtual and hybrid learning, McAuliffe spoke on how Sylvan Learning is providing additional support for students struggling with the transition to remote learning called “School Support at Sylvan.”The program allows smaller groups of students to come to their centers, remain socially distanced, and receive guidance to log into their virtual learning classes through their schools while receiving help on assignments. Sylvan tutors can make sure they’re receiving the attention they need to understand what they’re learning. 

“At Sylvan, we feel like we’re prepared to help our families take on the challenge [of this school year],” said McAuliffe. “We’ve started a new program called ‘School Support at Sylvan’ where children can come into our centers and log into the virtual school and we make sure they are engaged and can help them with their homework.”

McAuliffe attributes their heavy investment in technology to develop a method for remote tutoring over the years for their preparedness for centers to take on this new challenge of the virtual school year. 

Watch the entire segment on Cheddar.

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