Sylvan Learning Launches Internal Rewards Program To Support Franchises in Motivating their Teams
Sylvan Learning Launches Internal Rewards Program To Support Franchises in Motivating their Teams

Team members are able to earn points for what’s operationally important to redeem for incentives

Sylvan Learning, the nation’s leading supplemental and enrichment education franchise, has launched a creative incentive to help franchisees motivate their center staff to stay focused on delivering what moves the needle at each location while also rewarding for a job well done. 

Sylvan Mojo is a point-based, internal rewards program that the corporate team devised based on feedback from franchisees regarding what support they need to help keep their team members motivated. It helps franchisees reward excellence and drive revenue. It also helps center directors determine what they should be focusing on by rewarding very specific tasks.

Employees on the marketing and operations teams at the centers, as well as other individual team members, can log their regular activities into a database and receive points for each task completed. Once they’ve earned a certain number of points, they are eligible to redeem for an incentive.

Centers can also tally up its employees’ accumulated points to enter to win $1,000 a month if they meet the criteria.. 

“The goal is to reward the center staff for doing marketing and operations activities that they do every day,” Sylvan’s Director of Marketing and head of the Sylvan Mojo program Francesca Muhlbaier said. “We identified the top activities that generate the most revenue for their centers or make them the best-performing. This program is about marketing and operational excellence, and it gives everyone involved step-by-step guidance and rewards them for doing these activities.”

Sylvan employees are responsible for completing a variety of activities, including tasks that are centered around community outreach and operational excellence. Sylvan locations are expected to finish a variety of actions for their respective centers that range from family and friend referrals to direct mail campaigns to school visits and more.

Sylvan employees use a program called COMPASS to log their activities and keep track of their points. The COMPASS Sylvan Mojo dashboard easily allows team members to log and track their own points and view the center’s total points.

For example, team members earn 50 points for activities that can be done from the center, like sending email campaigns or doing customer care calls. The points increase as the level of difficulty or time taken to execute increases. For example, one can earn 100 points for visiting a school or 150 points for putting on a demonstration at a local library.

After building up a certain number of points each month, the employee is eligible to pick an incentive, and there are five tiers in Sylvan Mojo: $25, $75, $150, $250 and $400. The prizes include headphone sets and virtual reality goggles, a Kenneth Cole crossbody bag, a Canon camera and an Apple smartwatch, to name a few.

 “Our franchisees asked for support in identifying activities that drive excellence. The additional bonus of rewarding staff members across the entire network helps keep everyone motivated and in a little bit of healthy competition,” Muhlbaier said.

Franchise owners have already seen positive results from the Sylvan Mojo program.

“One of the largest benefits of joining a franchise system is to gain access to an entire team that can help support your business by providing you with guidelines and play books that set you up to become a successful franchisee,” Debra Smith Sylvan franchisee in Nebraska said. “This is just one of the many examples where Sylvan’s corporate team has our backs. By creating Sylvan Mojo, I can help get my team on track and focused on putting time and effort into the marketing and operational tasks that matter most to move my business forward.”

By putting in place rewards programs such as this one, franchise owners are only setting themselves and their teams up for success. Not only does it reward employees for doing their jobs well, it ensures everyone is doing exactly what should be done in order to increase center success. 

“As a franchisee, it’s really exciting to provide your directors with step by step guidance, direction, resources and rewards for all the things they should be doing to run a successful center,” Muhlbaier said. “This program not only benefits employees by giving them rewards for a job well done, but it also provides franchisees with guidelines to implement at their centers and it helps raise the bar to help achieve excellence at all franchises across North America.”