Sylvan Learning’s Franchise Model Inspires a Teacher to Become a Franchisee
Sylvan Learning’s Franchise Model Inspires a Teacher to Become a Franchisee

After starting out with the brand as a part-time teacher, Kayann Bock now owns three franchises across Wisconsin and Illinois.

When Kayann Bock first discovered Sylvan Learning, it was through her job as a 6th grade language arts teacher. During the summer of 1999, she was looking for part-time work to help her get through the school break. So she sought out the opportunity to teach at one of the brand’s franchise locations.

That part-time job quickly turned into a full-time career. She’s been with the brand since that summer—Bock initially took on a variety of roles including director of education, executive director and everything in between. But it was in 2006 that Bock decided to take her career with Sylvan Learning to the next level by becoming a franchisee.

“It became clear right away that everything Sylvan offers is what learning and teaching should be. That’s why I stayed with it and eventually became a franchisee—the brand has created the best system to reach children and change their lives for the better,” said Bock. “Sylvan franchisees have the ability to make personal connections with students and their families, which has always been what I love most about teaching. Of course, business will always have its ups and downs. But working with Sylvan ensures that the process is always rewarding.”

Since opening up her first Sylvan franchise, Bock has grown alongside the leading supplemental education brand. Today, she owns three centers in Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Hudson, Wisconsin and Freeport, Illinois. And she’s hoping to open more centers down the line—in fact, Bock’s plan is to open up another franchise within the next year.

“Sylvan is growing at an incredibly rapid rate. It’s not surprising—between the brand’s corporate team and network of supportive franchisees, local owners are positioned for success,” said Bock. “As business owners, we have the unique opportunity to create a local education service that really impacts our communities. Even though we’re a nationally recognized franchise, everything we do has personal connections. And Sylvan’s educational programs are the best—there isn’t another brand out there that can offer classes and tutoring that are as strong as ours.”

Sylvan is constantly innovating and making improvements to its programs, which gives its franchisees an unrivaled competitive advantage. Last year alone, for example, the brand added 19 additional courses including an enhanced math program called Algebra Edge. And in 2017, the brand is planning to extend its STEM portfolio even further.

As the brand heads into the new year, it’s positioned for continued growth on both the domestic and international fronts. Backed by its strong corporate team and passionate franchisees, Sylvan is positioned to experience a successful 2017.

“Franchisees like Kayann prove that our model is geared towards growth, both personally and professionally. Our system is designed to give entrepreneurs who enter our system as teachers the opportunity to become directors or even franchisees,” said Georgia Chasen, Sylvan Learning’s director of franchise development. “We’re looking forward to bringing even more dedicated business owners into our system in the months and years to come.”