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Sylvan Learning’s Program Variety and Multiple Revenue Streams Set Both Students and Franchisees Up for Success

The iconic 40-year-old enrichment learning concept offers supplemental education, STEM programming, test prep and school contracts.

For 40 years, Sylvan Learning has been focused on building academic confidence, igniting intellectual curiosity and inspiring a love for learning—all of which make a big impact in school and in life. Since its founding in 1979, Sylvan Learning has come to be the fastest-growing supplemental and enrichment education franchise in the U.S., with an impressive presence internationally.

Over the years, Sylvan Learning has proven itself as a leader in the segment thanks to the wide array of programs and services the brand offers to students as classes. This diverse list of offerings also provides franchisees with multiple revenue streams.

“Sylvan Learning has expanded its business model to feature a depth of program variety for students, which means diversified revenue for franchisees,” said Chief Franchise Operations Officer Susan Valverde. “In addition to our core retail supplemental education, which includes math and writing skills, we also offer EDGE and STEM programming, academic coaching, SAT and ACT test prep and more.”

First and foremost, the brand was founded with its core programs including math, reading, study skills, homework help and writing as the basis of its business model. Sylvan Learning uses supplemental tutoring to personalize a child’s learning path, including regular assessments, a low teacher-to-student ratio, proprietary SylvanSync software and regular check-ins.

Franchisees are also able to take advantage of Sylvan Learning’s STEM program titled Sylvan EDGE, with the goal of providing advanced students the ability to further expand their knowledge base. Sylvan EDGE focuses on enhancing STEM learning skills for students through innovative courses in engineering, robotics, coding, science and math. From coding video games to building robots, Sylvan’s hands-on STEM activities are some of the best courses in the country.

While the traditional Sylvan Learning curriculum includes reading and math classes for the Kindergarten through eighth grades, with also PreK learning to read programs available, the company avoids limiting itself to one specific age range. College prep programs increase the longevity and range of the student base by creating a gateway to both gain new students and provide existing students with additional help.

“We have over 70 courses within our current business model,” said Vice President of Education Emily Levitt. “All of Sylvan Learning’s programs, whether they are retail or college prep, can be packaged and made accessible to school contract partners as well. Sylvan franchisees are able to partner with local school districts in their given market to better the academic lives of students unable to attend Sylvan Learning by their own means.

Sylvan Learning’s school contracts allow franchise owners to work with schools and principals to decide the best programs suited for the campus. Sylvan Learning is able to provide schools with unique, engaging and efficient learning activities designed specifically to address the needs of under-performing students, all made possible through grants.

“We factor in a school’s budget, timeline and student number goals, and from there, we create a proposal for how Sylvan Learning can address the issues that are preventing students from achieving average or above average results,” said Chasen.

Overall, the growth potential of the brand is directly linked to the value for communities, and Sylvan Learning locations offer families an industry-leading supplemental and enrichment educational service that often yields tangible results for children in kindergarten through the 12th grade.

“Having been a franchisee for many years before joining the corporate team, I know how rare these diversified revenue streams are within the supplemental education segment,” Valverde said. “Our team not only trains and supports the interactions and partnerships with school districts and communities, but they also help source funding in order to help franchisees scale their operations and diversify their offerings.”

With so many programs and a leadership team committed to supporting program diversification and scalability, Sylvan Learning provides franchisees with several learning programs and tools to ensure the success of their business and of the students they serve.

The startup costs for a Sylvan Learning center range from $68,680 to $159,085. The franchise fee is $24,000. To learn more about franchising with Sylvan Learning, visit

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