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TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Makes Moving Even More Stress-Free Thanks to Proprietary Software movetrac

Customers can use movetrac to book local moves and create checklists to ensure their moving process goes smoothly, thus minimizing the need for phone calls to customer service.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® prides itself on making moving simple and even enjoyable for customers, and now the largest franchised moving company in North America can do this even better thanks to the implementation of movetrac.

Movetrac is the brand’s proprietary software, and it’s available to customers for free as a tool to help facilitate the moving process. Customers can create a Movetrac account and use it to book simple, local moves. Movetrac even provides customers with moving checklists so they can ensure they complete any necessary tasks prior to the moving date. Customers can also use movetrac to create a customized list of items to move.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has always focused heavily on trying to meet customer needs and preferences,” Marketing Innovation Manager Caleb Williams said. “Over the last couple of years, the leadership team studied the behavior of our customers and analyzed consumer behaviors in general and, like many companies, we saw a trend of people not wanting to call and talk on the phone if they didn’t really need to. We created movetrac to lower the need to call into customer service and save our customers valuable time they could otherwise spend focusing on their move.”

The first iteration of movetrac, which provided customers with a moving checklist, launched in April 2019. A booking functionality became available in March 2020 to customers moving within state lines with simpler move needs, such as those moving from an apartment to a two-bedroom home. The next step in movetrac’s development is to let customers use it to pay their moving deposit. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is also in the process of developing the Android app version of movetrac. 

Thanks to movetrac, it’s much easier for customers to tell TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® what items they need to move. And, the site isn’t just for customers to utilze, anyone can use movetrac resources even if they are using a different moving company or doing it themselves.

“Whether they’re using TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® or not, we’re just happy to help people take a bit of stress out of the moving process,” CEO Jon Nobis said. “We launched movetrac with the long-term goal of building our user base so that customers are already registered there when we launch more booking features through that same tool.”

Above all, movetrac can make life easier for both franchisees and their employees. According to Williams, the franchisee response to movetrac has been especially positive in markets that attract younger demographics, such as Madison, Wisconsin.

“Our company is incredibly busy, especially May through August, and our teams cannot always get to every customer in a timely way,” Williams said. “Our customer base is tech-savvy and interested in conducting transactions online. By giving them a tool to help facilitate their move, we can help lower the volume of calls, which also frees up the time of our Customer Service Representatives to work on other projects.”

Thanks to a willingness to innovate and adapt to consumer preferences, as well as a continued emphasis on providing excellent customer service to its customers, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is positioned as a strong investment opportunity for franchisees both now and in the future.

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