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TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s Career Move Month Provides a Valuable Hiring Boost for Franchisees

By designating one particular month - plus specific hiring days for the first time - franchisees can devote time to building the right team of people ahead of its busiest moving season.

By Cristina Merrill1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 03/25/19

Hiring the right employees is no easy feat for any franchisee, which is why TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, is hosting its seventh annual Career Move Month in March. Career Move Month gives franchisees of the leading moving brand a chance to participate in company-wide initiatives focused on hiring new employees for the upcoming busy season which hits between May and September.

Career Move Month is aimed at hiring employees of all levels, including movers and drivers. The brand also looks to hire interns, management-level staff, middle management, human resources and marketing professionals, all of which are roles that will help support an influx of new hires.

For the first time, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK? is also hosting Day of Hiring events following Career Move Month in April and May at all franchises in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina and Texas. Prospective employees interested in front line and office roles are welcome to complete walk-in interviews.

Movers and driver candidates should be energetic individuals who are willing to provide the brand’s signature customer service, which is known as THE GRANDMA RULE®. In other words, employees are expected to treat everyone the way they would want their own grandmother to be treated. Anyone from janitors to food service professionals to student-athletes can apply for these roles, and they should rest assured they can absolutely have a long career with the moving brand. Approximately 75 percent of brand management staff started in entry-level positions while about a third of company workers end up becoming franchisees.

Once someone is hired by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK?, they have the opportunity to participate in company-wide development programs for employees who are interested in moving up within the organization. The brand’s career development program focuses on developing staff members of all levels. Through this program are subprograms focused on developing leaders and frontline team members through a variety of courses, both online and in person, in addition to an internal group called XCELERATE to encourage team members to come together to discuss best practices, celebrate standout employees and more. Part of the career development program is the Move Hero employee-recognition initiative, which acknowledges employees who go out of their way to help customers and their communities. By hiring employees who start off as movers or drivers, for example, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK? franchisees have a chance to train employees from the ground up and instill in them the company’s values while also helping them grow professionally.

Such programs - not to mention a welcoming and encouraging company atmosphere - pay off.

“One of the great things about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK? is the opportunity we provide to employees at all levels of the company,” TWO MEN AND A TRUCK President Randy Shacka said. “I started working here as an intern. That kind of possible career trajectory is a great hiring tool for us to have. Franchisees can establish early on that they want to build long-term relationships and prospective employees know that a career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK? is what they make of it.”

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK? Chief Talent Officer Sara Bennett also started her career with an entry-level position as an administrative assistant and worked her way up over the course of 17 years.

“We don’t just offer employees a job,” Sara Bennett said. “We pride ourselves on providing a supportive environment for our employees, one where everyone can experience camaraderie, help people and grow their careers.”

The startup costs for a TWO MEN AND A TRUCK? franchise range from $178,000 to $555,500. The franchise fee is $50,000. To learn more about franchising with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK?, visit

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