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Uni K Wax Offers Industry-Leading Support for Elevated Owner, Waxer and Client Experience

With some of the most robust training in the industry, the waxing franchise ensures both owners and their teams are well equipped to deliver the one-of-a-kind Uni K Wax experience, even if they’re coming to the brand with no prior experience.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 9:09AM 07/01/24

Uni K Wax, the revolutionary waxing franchise with 34 units and growing, is changing the waxing industry landscape with its all-natural, elastic, pine-based wax and elevated customer service and hygiene standards. As the brand continues to capture the attention of franchisees, waxers and clients alike, it offers an opportunity like no other to make real change in the waxing space. With its robust training programs and ongoing support, Uni K Wax has the structure to thoroughly support entrepreneurs and waxers, even those with zero prior experience in the industry, in doing their part to bring a better waxing experience to their communities.

“You don’t need to have technical experience or industry knowledge to begin your journey with Uni K Wax and ultimately build a thriving business,” said Frank Ponce, executive director of operations. “Our comprehensive training and ongoing support ensures that both franchisees and their teams have the tools and knowledge they need to deliver on the one-of-a-kind Uni K Wax experience.”

With nearly three decades of industry experience, Uni K Wax has honed its processes and carefully developed training resources to ensure that everyone on the team is properly trained. This prior experience allows the leadership team to shorten the learning curve for both owners and employees and identify and close any remaining gaps. 

The entire process starts with the operator training program at the Uni K Wax corporate office.

“Part of it is in the classroom, because some of the learnings are very theoretical, then we have the hands-on portion that covers the day-to-day activities,” Ponce said. “We do things like wax lab training, studio standards and coordinator training through hands-on learning. Part of why this aspect is so important is because our wax is natural. Because of that, we have a wax lab to prepare it on-site daily. That’s one of our biggest assets in the studio, so we have a lot of safeguards and processes surrounding it to ensure we’re managing it correctly at all locations and it’s ready for our customers.”

After the training process, Uni K Wax franchisees also receive additional support from a team that offers on-site support leading up to the studio’s opening day, fine-tuning employees’ skills and standing side-by-side with local employees for the first week of business to support a smooth opening.

While owners prepare their team to launch, they can rely on Uni K Wax’s “studio in a box” system to help them prepare the studio itself.

“From our distribution facility, we not only ship the supplies to that studio, but every room in the studio comes within a supply box attached to it,” Ponce said. “So if they know nothing about waxing or personal care spaces, with that program, they can put boxes in their appropriate rooms and begin to open them. They have everything they need to set it up, along with a guide to do so.”

In addition to studio owners’ or leaders’ education, Uni K Wax has a robust training program available for waxers themselves. While it’s important to maintain a studio in line with brand standards, it’s the waxers themselves who are interacting with and performing services for clients day in and day out.

For individual waxers, Uni K Wax hosts training on-site at the new studio. Prior to the studio opening, Beatriz Zapata, waxing training director, leads waxers through Uni K Wax’s specific processes, teaching them about how to wax the Uni K way, delivering the best customer experience in the industry and what to expect.

“If you’re a waxer and want to work for Uni K Wax, our training program through our franchisees will prepare you with and support you in using our technique,” Zapata said. “If you have no experience with waxing, that’s okay, too. Anyone who wants to get licensed has the opportunity to do so because they all go through the same training processes. The technique is so essential, so by the end of the training process, everyone — regardless of prior experience — has the same level of skill, knowledge and confidence.”

The combined initial training, support and ongoing education available to both Uni K Wax owners, waxers and studio team members is industry-leading, and the results it achieves continue to do the same.

“We’ve got it down to a science,” Ponce said. “If you know nothing about waxing and you open a studio, we can provide the theoretical and practical training everyone will need, and we have that studio in a box program which will work for anyone who can follow instructions. We can have the studio prepared for opening in the blink of an eye, we’ll make sure your teams are ready to provide a high level of service, and we’ll be by your side at opening to ensure a smooth transition.”

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