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Buffalo Wings & Rings Celebrates Consistent Year-Over-Year AUV Growth

Buffalo Wings & Rings' rock-solid foundation that has been strengthening year after year will continue to propel the brand forward.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 08/23/22

In 1984, Buffalo Wings & Rings served up its very first meal in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The brand has certainly come a long way since then. Today, the club-level sports restaurant franchise has more than 60 units globally. In March, Buffalo Wings & Rings announced its first signings in England and Poland. And so far in 2016, the brand has already opened one location, with five more already in the works.

But perhaps one of Buffalo Wings & Rings’ most monumental milestones can be seen over the course of the past nine years. Since 2006, the brand has seen a consistent increase in revenue, with 13 percent growth of year-over-year annual unit volume. In 2008, the brand reported an average unit volume of $800,000. By 2013, that number had doubled. And by the end of 2015, Buffalo Wings & Rings boasted a new milestone—a record high AUV of $2 million.

Backed by the demand for an alternative to traditional sports bars, Buffalo Wings & Rings has cemented itself as a go-to option for families looking to watch their favorite sporting events in a friendly atmosphere. But a major force behind its unwavering success is the food—the brand has long prided itself on being different from its competitors, thanks to its chef-driven menu featuring fresh and innovative ingredients.

“We’ve worked hard on the brand every day for the past 10 years. We’ve reengineered our brand to make it more attractive to multi-unit and single-unit operators—we have enhanced marketing, upgraded products and a streamlined kitchen service model. We also dedicated ourselves to an ongoing strategy to further align our corporate staff and franchisees. As a result, we’ve seen consistent growth in new franchise units year after year,” said Philip Schram, chief development officer for the brand. “The success we’ve experienced over the decade is apparent not only in the numbers, but also by the palpable excitement felt throughout the system. Morale is at an all-time high, and it shows—from our employees to our franchisees.”

Franchisees have been the backbone of the brand’s stability. Backed by a strong and proven system, franchisees continue to invest—and reinvest—in Buffalo Wings & Rings. Many of the current owners are capitalizing on the improved structure by doubling down on multiple locations to help boost the brand’s growth. The unwavering diligence, support and guidelines for the company have also been and unquestionable factor in the continued success of the franchise.

Now, as the brand tackles 2016, one thing is clear—that rock-solid foundation that has been strengthening year after year for more than a decade will continue to propel Buffalo Wings & Rings forward. Over the next five years, the brand plans to add an additional 50 locations.

“As the brand continues to accelerate its openings and franchisees signings every year, we will never sacrifice our guiding principals of sustainable growth with the best possible franchisees. It’s about finding the right people who share your vision—when you do, they will all work together to help position the brand for greatness—to help you grow exponentially,” Schram said. “We have found the right formula in our food, in our model and in our franchisees. I know we will be one of those great brands with a lasting impact.”

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