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QSR: Historic Wing Prices Wreak Havoc on Restaurants

What Buffalo Wings & Rings is doing to combat high wing prices

Chicken wing prices are soaring, and that's creating an issue for wing-centric restaurant chains like Cincinnati-based elevated sports restaurant franchise Buffalo Wings & Rings. According to a recent article that ran in QSR Magazine and FSR Magazine, the average price of wings was more than $2 per pound in the August report from Mizuho Restaurant and Proteins Analyst Jeremey Scott. That's more than 60 cents per pound above the running 10-year average.

Buffalo Wings & Rings created a task force to deal with the issue and find ways to offset and handle the increased costs for their franchisees across more than 70 restaurants.

“Our first push is to say there are already some other options out there,” Tom Jenkins, Director of Franchise Operations for Buffalo Wings & Rings, told QSR and FSR. “There’s not a lot of wing places like us that have a hand-pattied ground chuck and brisket blended burger.” BW&R will also be pushing a boneless wing promotion and is exploring some options using other parts of the bird in the R&D lab.

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