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Restaurant Business: Wings and Rings Accepting Bitcoin from Potential Franchisors

The sports bar chain wants to experiment with cryptocurrency, part of an overall push to leverage technology.

Wing and Rings now offers potential franchisees a few different options for purchasing their own store. Restaurant Business reports buyers can do it the old-fashioned way by paying $40,000 in cash or by tapping into their digital wallet and paying 1.05 bitcoins (the going exchange rate as of 2/20/2022). Wings and Rings views the bitcoin option as a way to get its feet wet in the fast-growing world of cryptocurrency or digital money.

 “In the spirit of that evolution and embracing what the world of tomorrow brings today, we wanted to start wading into the waters and accepting bitcoin,” said Thomas Flaherty, Wings and Rings’ Chief Development Officer.

The 85-unit, Cincinnati-based chain is one of the first restaurant brands to sell franchises for bitcoin payment. This move is a part of an overall brand refresh that includes a new name and looks and a greater focus on technology, including a new POS system, app, and tech-forward prototype. Flaherty also did not rule out Wings and Rings one day accepting bitcoin payments from customers or using it to pay employees.

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