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Bloomberg: Atomic Wings Weighs In on Nationwide Wing Feeding Frenzy

Atomic Wings CEO Zak Omar tells Bloomberg how the chicken wing franchise brand meets America’s hunger for wing orders during the pandemic.

By Casey Echols1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 04/07/21

The country is amid a pandemic, but America’s hunger for chicken wings shows no signs of slowing down. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Atomic Wings CEO Zak Omar describes trends he has seen during the country’s recent boom in wing orders.

According to Omar, customers wait up to two hours for wing orders during busy sports-watching days like the Super Bowl, with sales even doubling at some locations. “The wing frenzy has always been there, at least for the last couple of years,” Omar told Bloomberg. “COVID has just brought it more to light.”

As Bloomberg reports, brands like Atomic Wings are testing the often-forgotten chicken thighs in an effort to lower costs to offset rising wing prices.

Founded in 1989 to share authentic New York-style chicken wings, Atomic Wings has brought its fresh, never frozen, natural and hormone-free chicken wings to locations in New York and Maryland and has additional units signed in Arizona, Nevada and Texas. With 14 proprietary sauces, a classic menu and a welcoming atmosphere, Atomic Wings has set its sights on nationwide growth as the demand for chicken wings throughout the pandemic continues to grow.

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