Texas-Based Franchisee Brings Long Awaited Family-Friendly Beef ‘O’ Brady’s to Midlothian Community
Texas-Based Franchisee Brings Long Awaited Family-Friendly Beef ‘O’ Brady’s to Midlothian Community

Brad Golden is one of dozens more franchisees helping to expand the brand’s presence throughout Texas.

Most great ideas emerge after realizing an unmet need. For Brad Golden, a franchisee for Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, his “a-ha” moment came when he noticed his hometown of Midlothian, Texas was missing a local place for large groups to gather for good food and good entertainment.

“As my children grew up, every time we were done with a basketball game and wanted to go somewhere nice to celebrate and eat with the team, we always had to leave our town,” Golden said, who has lived in Midlothian for nearly 15 years.

Golden decided to take matters into his owns hands. His solution? Open his own restaurant. That’s when he discovered Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, a family-friendly sports pub-style restaurant with nearly 200 locations across the country.

“After doing some research, it was clear to me that there really isn’t another brand out there that can bring people together over good food and sports in the way Beef ‘O’ Brady’s can. This is really a one of a kind franchising opportunity, and I was excited to bring the unparalleled Beef O’ Brady’s experience to Midlothian,” Golden added.

Officially opening its doors in August 2015, Golden was eager to make his location the heart of sports team celebrations, business meetings and family outings, as well as a place where people could simply relax over a beer and live music after a long week. For that reason, the Midlothian Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is larger than most of the other franchise locations—the seven-party room TVs are equipped to connect to laptops to allow groups to show presentations, and the bar area and family dining rooms are also completely separate from each other so everyone can enjoy their meals without interruption. The restaurant also boasts a patio, which, Golden hopes, will attract local musicians and promote a lounge-like vibe.

When Golden opened the door’s to Midlothian’s Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, community interest picked up almost immediately. That’s because in a town filled with homogenous burger chains and rushed dining experiences, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s finally added something new, welcoming and lively to the community.

“Demand for top tier sports bars and restaurants is at an all-time high. But American consumers aren’t just looking for an average place to dine out—they’re looking for quality food, exceptional customer service and a family-friendly environment,” Golden said. “That’s exactly where Beef ‘O’ Brady’s excels. Today, I can’t go anywhere without someone sharing how excited they are about having a restaurant like this in town. Everyone seems to have a different reason why they’re proud to call Beef ‘O’ Brady’s their neighborhood restaurant, and all are encouraging. It’s a constant reminder of why I decided to bring Beef ‘O’ Brady’s to Midlothian.”

With four locations across the Lone Star State already, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s is perfectly positioned for rapid growth in areas like Midlothian and beyond. Cities like Dallas—and its surrounding area—in particular are ideal development markets for the Beef ‘O’ Brady’s brand due to its demographics alone. Dallas, for example, is filled with a seemingly unlimited group of potential patrons, from families and business professionals to college students and tourists. And with the help of successful franchisees like Golden, who has already seen rapid success with the brand in just one year, it’s clear that Beef O’ Brady’s is poised for even more growth throughout the state in the years to come.

“Texas and Beef ‘O’ Brady’s are a perfect match. We’re already seeing success across the state—once consumers come into our restaurants, try our food and enjoy our atmosphere, they’re hooked,” said Jamie Cecil, director of franchise sales and development for Beef ‘O’ Brady’s. “We’re confident that franchisees like Brad, who sign on to develop the greater Houston and Dallas markets, will be able to hit the ground running. These untapped markets have the potential to turn into some of the top performing restaurants in our system.”