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BooXkeeping Welcomes New Franchisees, Levels up Support and Captures Growing Demand in Early 2024

The bookkeeping franchise is solidifying its status as the next great opportunity for #CoolBeanCounters across the nation.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 12:12PM 04/18/24

LAS VEGAS, NV – After adding five new franchises to its system in 2023, BooXkeeping, the emerging bookkeeping franchise revolutionizing the industry, has maintained its momentum through the start of 2024. BooXkeeping closed the first quarter with a new franchise awarded in Charlotte, North Carolina, additional interest from franchise brands seeking bookkeeping vendors and an even stronger franchisee support structure.

“Our unique approach focuses on the human side of bookkeeping, and it transforms the entire process into a more exciting, personal one,” said Max Emma, founder and CEO of BooXkeeping. “The progress we’ve seen this year proves how attractive this approach is to both clients and franchisees.”

In the first quarter, BooXkeeping signed an agreement with a pair of franchisees in Charlotte, North Carolina, who plan to begin operations in May. Carlos and Sulma Aracena, who have finance and public service backgrounds, saw the franchise as a way to take more control of their lifestyle and build something meaningful for their family while bringing a much-needed service to their community. Like many franchisees, the Aracenas were excited about BooXkeeping’s refreshing model.

“The brand is professional, but we’re also trying to make it more human,” said Carlos. “Our hashtag is #CoolBeanCounters. It’s clear that we don’t have to do this the old way anymore. It’s exciting to not have to have a brick-and-mortar location and to be able to work anywhere.”

As the franchise grows, Max said the brand is strengthening its franchisee support structure. All franchisees now receive three months of accounting school as part of their franchise training process, and recent personnel shifts allow more staff to be dedicated to supporting owners on an ongoing basis. 

“Our franchise owners are not just getting technical training and sales support — they are getting something that nobody else offers: continuous and consistent, high-quality mental and emotional support,” said Dr. Elena Emma, BooXkeeping co-founder and Chief People Officer. “We aren’t just holding their hand through onboarding. They have a personal coach who understands their unique perspective, knows this is hard and will be there to support them when they think it is impossible."

With both thorough initial training and reliable ongoing support, franchisees have the expertise necessary to continue development efforts and stimulate a growing client base. As local owners manage this aspect of their businesses, the franchisor remains involved in the industry to encourage the continued growth of the entire system.

“We attended the IFA Conference and Multi-Unit Franchising Conference to connect with more people in the franchise industry,” said Max. “BooXkeeping is already the preferred bookkeeping provider for 95 franchise brands, and after these trade shows, there are another 40-plus brands interested in partnering with us. We see that as a great opportunity, not only for our existing franchisees, but for the new ones that will join the system, too.”

BooXkeeping aims to add another 25 franchises to its system this year, targeting expansion across the country.

“It’s a great time to join the BooXkeeping system. There is a growing number of bookkeepers leaving their jobs due to lack of flexibility and room for growth,” said Max. “These people are great candidates for a BooXkeeping franchise and can find the freedom and growth potential they’re looking for within our system.”


BooXkeeping is a bookkeeping franchise that combines professional expertise with genuine human connection to provide cutting-edge bookkeeping services for small and medium-sized businesses, franchisees, franchisors, CPA firms and more. 

Founded by Max and Elena Emma, two entrepreneurial immigrants with in-depth experience in finance and accounting, the brand’s journey spans over 20 years. Today, with seven franchise locations across the country and one corporate location, BooXkeeping has emerged as a unique player in the bookkeeping industry, emphasizing a human-driven approach and personalized service. To learn more visit: