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$62,342 - $69,342
Start-Up Cost
Initial Franchise Fee

BooXkeeping is a bookkeeping franchise that combines professional expertise with genuine human connection to provide cutting-edge bookkeeping services for small and medium-sized businesses, franchisees, franchisors, CPA firms and more. 

Founded by Max and Elena Emma, two entrepreneurial immigrants with in-depth experience in finance and accounting, the brand’s journey spans over 20 years. Today, with eight franchise locations across the country and one corporate location, BooXkeeping has emerged as a unique player in the bookkeeping industry, emphasizing a human-driven approach and personalized service.

In a rapidly evolving economic landscape, the demand for efficient, reliable bookkeeping services has never been higher. With the rise of remote work models and the increasing complexity of financial management, now is the opportune time to enter this lucrative market. BooXkeeping offers a unique blend of professional bookkeeping services with a personal touch, a combination that is highly sought after in today's market. As a result, BooXkeeping is laser-focused on franchise development, with the goal of having 25 territories open by the end of 2024.

BooXkeeping stands out due to its unique business model that emphasizes human connection in accounting. Unlike traditional bookkeeping services, BooXkeeping focuses on building relationships with clients, offering personalized services tailored to their needs. The brand’s trending hashtag #CoolBeanCounters, for example, is all about fostering a community of people who are tired of the old ways and are looking for a better approach. This client-centric approach has established BooXkeeping as a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity in the bookkeeping industry.

When it comes to the day-to-day business, BooXkeeping offers franchisees a low-cost, home-based model that prioritizes a rewarding work-life balance. Plus, as the preferred bookkeeping vendor for about 85 franchise brands in the U.S., including companies like FastSignsGameday Men's HealthSport Clips and more, franchisees can gain immediate access to potential clients. 

Comprehensive franchisee support includes two weeks of training, six months of sales coaching and a year of bi-weekly executive coaching with none other than Elena herself, whose resume today includes adjunct professor, PhD, writer, artist and TEDx speaker

The bookkeeping industry presents a stable and growing market opportunity, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19, where the need for outsourced bookkeeping services has surged. Recognizing the scope of work required to handle accounting, many organizations are questioning the need for a full-time bookkeeper when much of the work can be done more efficiently outsourced. The bookkeeping sector is a $4.2 billion and fast-growing industry as bookkeeping services are essential for businesses, providing a recession-resistant opportunity for BooXkeeping franchisees.

BooXkeeping is seeking passionate individuals who understand the value of human connection in business. While a background in accounting or finance is advantageous, it is not a prerequisite. BooXkeeping’s comprehensive training and support system ensure that franchisees are well-equipped to succeed, regardless of their previous experience. CPAs or accountants can also integrate the BooXkeeping services into their wider range of offerings.

Franchisees are drawn to BooXkeeping for its innovative approach and the supportive network it offers. The brand’s focus on a work-life balance, comprehensive training, ongoing support and the opportunity to make a real difference in clients' businesses are key reasons why franchisees love and thrive within the BooXkeeping system.

Sofia Bongard, for example, started her career as an accountant with BooXkeeping before becoming a franchise owner in San Diego. "My first job was with Max as an accountant," Bongard said. "He had just barely started, and I was his first employee. At the time Elena was also my supervisor. I loved it. It was very simple and very easy going. Even though you had to do the work, it didn’t feel so robotic and corporate. I had worked in insurance in the past, and that was much more complex. It didn’t feel like I had to convince anybody of anything.”

From day one, Bongard says the support from Max and Elena has been essential. “Max sends me books to read, conferences to go to, resources to tap into,” she said. “And Elena has saved me many times! At the beginning, there are so many things that are not related to accounting that you have to learn as a franchisee. Elena would break it all down into small pieces for me to digest. She has been a true mentor.”

Now, Bongard says her favorite part of owning a BooXkeeping franchise is the opportunity to help change the perspective around bookkeeping in general. 

“Accounting has the reputation of being square, but to me it is really fun,” said Bongard. “You get to know your clients intimately and watch them scale their business. I had one client who quit his corporate job to start his own company from scratch. Six years later, he had driven revenue to over $1 million. It is so cool to know that you helped in that growth.”

Starting a BooXkeeping franchise requires an initial investment ranging from $62,342-$69,342*, offering an affordable entry point into the bookkeeping industry. The investment covers training, technology, marketing support and other essential resources.

For more information on franchising with BooXkeeping, visit:

*Figures taken from the 2024 BooXkeeping Franchise Disclosure Document.


Executive Q&A: Max Emma, CEO of BooXkeeping

The franchise industry’s favorite bookkeeper is looking to redefine the service, making it more efficient, modern and appealing to a wider range of entrepreneurs.

1851 Franchise: How did you fall into franchising?

Max Emma, CEO & co-founder of BooXkeeping: About 12 years ago, I co-founded a bookkeeping company called BooXkeeping and eventually entered the franchising market, providing bookkeeping services to different franchise brands. Through building up our reputation in the franchising industry, we have now become the preferred bookkeeping vendor for about 85 franchise brands in the United States, including FastSignsSignaramaSport Clips and more. Our relationship with some of these brands are so strong that many of them make it mandatory for franchisees to use our bookkeeping services. After spending time with these franchisors, I got the idea that I could be one of them. A few years ago, I decided to franchise the BooXkeeping concept, and now we have six franchisees and are working on finding more.

1851 Franchise: On the franchisee standpoint, are they required to be a CPA, or do you want them to have an accounting background?

Emma: They don't have to be CPAs since we don't work with taxes. We actually get most of our referrals from CPAs, so we don't want to compete with them. Our model is different from most accounting franchises because we stay away from taxes. We prefer some accounting or finance background, but they don't have to be bookkeepers. We fully train them and provide full staff to do the work, so they can focus on client acquisition and building relationships.

1851 Franchise: What are some interesting insights you see from a data standpoint, given your experience with various businesses?

Emma: I see that people are hesitant to invest in advertising and marketing due to economic uncertainties. However, I'm not seeing a slowdown. Most of our clients are growing or maintaining their level. I see more franchises being sold during economic slowdowns. We're onboarding more clients on the bookkeeping side.

1851 Franchise: What's your dream as a franchisor?

Emma: The goal is to sell five more franchises before the end of this year and 10 to 15 next year, reaching about 25 by the end of 2024. It's a home-based, low-investment business, so there's growing interest. However, many people are not aware of bookkeeping franchises. Once we hit a critical mass of 15-20 franchises, growth should accelerate. We're in big markets like Miami, Orlando, San Diego and Texas.

1851 Franchise: How do you break up the territory size for a home-based franchise?

Emma: We guarantee a population of half a million as their territory. However, franchisees can get referrals from anywhere, even outside their territory. It’s not limited to a specific location.

1851 Franchise: Are you disclosing Item 19 yet, or is it still too early?

Emma: Yes, we are disclosing Item 19, which includes the average gross profit for the past 10 years and average gross revenue. The average gross revenue is $424,000 per year, and the average gross profit is $257,000. That's a great number for a small investment. 

Bookkeeping is a $4.2 billion industry in the United States, and there's growing interest in bookkeeping services, especially with the economic slowdown. Many are questioning the need for a full-time bookkeeper when much of the work can be done more efficiently by an outside party.

1851 Franchise: What brings you happiness in this journey?

Emma: Happiness for me is in the process, not just in reaching the end goal. For instance, my current goal is to sell 25 franchises by next year. But once I achieve that, the goal will shift, maybe to 40 or 50. It's about enjoying the journey and comparing where I am now to where I was before. Two years ago, I had no franchises, but now I have six. I focus on my own journey and growth rather than comparing myself to others.

1851 Franchise: That's a great perspective. Let's talk about your franchising model. What do you offer to franchisees?

Emma: Our franchisees receive comprehensive support. This includes two weeks of training and six months of sales coaching. Additionally, there is one year of executive coaching, featuring bi-weekly meetings focused on enhancing their performance and fostering continuous growth. Such consulting, typically valued at around five to six thousand dollars, is provided at no charge by our co-founder, Elena Emma. This is a significant advantage for our employees and franchisees, as their success directly contributes to our success. 

We handle all the marketing and provide the necessary technology. We also offer staffing solutions, where we cover employee benefits and our franchisees only pay an hourly rate. This allows them to focus on growing the business. In addition, we leverage our network of 85 franchise brands to help our franchisees acquire clients. We're focused on ensuring their success, which in turn contributes to our success.

We are currently exploring partnerships with CPAs and firms considering integrating our services. Once we secure a bookkeeping client for a franchisee, they have the opportunity to offer additional services like tax and CFO consulting, retaining 100% of the revenue from these services while we receive royalties only from the bookkeeping aspect.

1851 Franchise: How do you see the future of your franchise?

Emma: The future is about continuing to provide exceptional support to our franchisees. This includes leveraging our own accounting software, which we've developed, and continuing to innovate in the bookkeeping industry. Our goal is to redefine bookkeeping, making it more efficient, modern and appealing to a wider range of entrepreneurs.

1851 Franchise: Any final thoughts for those interested in your franchise?

Emma: I want to emphasize the importance of our approach: Our success is tied to the success of our franchisees. This isn’t just about selling franchises; it’s about driving their profitability. The onboarding process, which includes sales and executive coaching, is crucial. Many franchises overlook this aspect, but we believe in providing our franchisees with the skills and support they need, redefining franchisee support and potentially the role of a franchise business coach.

For more information on franchising with BooXkeeping, visit:

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