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Top 10 Reasons To Buy a Dog Training Elite Franchise in 2024

The leading dog-training franchise offers a powerful business model that allows entrepreneurs to break into the booming pet industry with the support and leadership of industry experts.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 8:08AM 03/05/24

Dog Training Elite, a leading dog-training franchise, has redefined the training space with a unique relationship-based approach that uses personalized training to achieve the best results for each individual dog. As the demand for high-quality training services continues to grow, the franchise has become one of the fastest-growing of its kind in the nation and seeks passionate franchise partners to support its continued growth.

Here are 10 reasons to consider investing in a Dog Training Elite franchise in 2024.

Robust Training Allows Franchisees To Start Strong and Scale When They’re Ready

You don’t have to be a dog trainer to build a successful business with Dog Training Elite. The business model includes thorough education and ongoing support that allows driven businesspeople to develop the skills they need to also become successful trainers.

“We’ve got some of the best trainers in the world on staff here,” said Betsy Feaster, CEO of Dog Training Elite. “We can teach you how to be a dog trainer. You just need to bring that drive to grow a business and the people skills necessary to successfully interface with clients in their homes.”

In addition to training that allows franchisees to start strong, Dog Training Elite offers additional education opportunities that allow owners to scale. Feaster emphasized the idea that this supplemental education comes in a structured form, ensuring each owner is ready to proceed to the next step rather than trying to force all of the education at once.

“You’re not going to come and learn everything there is to know about dog training right away,” she said. “We want you to learn how to train a dog, get some experience, understand dog behavior and start to bring in some revenue then come back and get trained on something else. Our franchisee training model is both robust and structured so that we aren’t putting you out in front of something before you’re ready.”

A Growing Pet Industry Offers Consistent Demand

The pet industry is worth $320 billion and growing. Recent data has consistently shown that pet owners are increasingly willing to spend big money on their pets’ health and happiness, and proper training is a common step pet owners take to benefit both themselves and their pets.

Dog Training Elite already offers a differentiated service model, and as the industry continues to grow, franchisees will be positioned to capture even more revenue as they continue to scale.

The Opportunity Is Accessible With a Relatively Low Initial Investment

Because Dog Training Elite is first and foremost a mobile model, franchisees can get started quickly and with a much lower investment than would be required for a standard brick-and-mortar business model.

“We want you to be open within six months of signing the franchise agreement, but because of the demand in the industry, the model allows you to start training the minute you finish boot camp,” said Feaster. “You need a car and a dog to show off what you can do, and you’re off and running! I actually sold my first package while I was at boot camp because I knew I could start working with that client immediately when I returned to my territory.”

With Franchisees on the Executive Team, the System Is Led by Those Who Understand the Ownership Experience

Feaster, who is also a franchisee with Dog Training Elite, and Kelley Rosequist, Director of Development and a franchisee with Dog Training Elite, hold leadership positions on the executive team. A franchise leader who has firsthand experience in the business is an incredible asset to a system as these individuals can better relate to franchisees’ journeys and offer guidance and leadership based on that experience.

Better yet, because Feaster and Rosequist continue to be involved as franchisees, they experience any industry changes or demand shifts alongside owners. This allows them to lead with the most current information in mind and offer a more proactive leadership and training approach that unites the entire system around a single shared experience.

Dog Training Elite’s Unique Model Allows Owners To Stand out With Unique Customer Offerings

Simply put, Dog Training Elite offers training services that are hard (or impossible) to find with other providers. Dog Training Elite emphasizes the connection between the dog and handler, which is a major differentiator, but the model also allows trainers to come to the client’s space.

In a world of pet store puppy classes and facility-only training models, Dog Training Elite has a standout offering for clients interested in a more purposeful training experience.

Franchisees Can Build a Fun, Meaningful Business

In addition to basic obedience training, franchisees have an opportunity to offer advanced training and group classes that create a connection with the community. Dog Training Elite ownership allows entrepreneurs to get involved in the community by going on adventures with people and their dogs.

“Dog Training Elite franchisees also find fulfillment in the knowledge that they are helping people bond with their dogs,” said Feaster. “Being able to do that in the context of a business that allows you personal, professional and financial freedom makes the opportunity even more meaningful.”

Dog Training Elite Caters To Community-Minded Entrepreneurs

Feaster often says that the Dog Training Elite mission is to make the communities it enters better through well-behaved pets and well-trained service and support animals. This alone is an incredibly fulfilling purpose for many entrepreneurs, but the brand’s commitment to community goes even further.

Through services like The Malinois Foundation, Dog Training Elite’s charitable arm, and its partnership with Vets Helping Heroes, the franchise supports its owners in giving back and making a real impact. The Dog Training Elite leadership team is very intentional about the organizations it partners with and the purposes it supports, so local franchisees can be confident that they’re making a real change.

Franchisees Can Choose a Flexible Schedule That Fits Their Lifestyle

“The vast majority of our franchisees note an interest in getting out of the corporate nine-to-five model as one of their drivers for investing in Dog Training Elite,” said Feaster. “As a business owner, you can conduct training when and how your clients need it. In many cases, that is going to be in the early mornings or in the evenings after clients have returned from work.”

Feaster also noted that, while the heart of the business is mobile training, some franchisees do choose to build facilities in which they can provide supplemental training. This is another point of flexibility. Should you decide to build a training facility, you can do so when you feel ready and operate it in a way that fits well with the demands of your existing mobile training commitments.

Repeat and Referral Business Drives Growth

Dog Training Elite sees a lot of repeat business from customers who either return with their dogs for more advanced training or bring in new dogs for initial training. In addition, clients who've had a positive experience with the franchise will spread the Dog Training Elite name to friends and family who have dogs. Franchisees can count on this repeat and referral revenue to drive growth.

“This is a common trend, but franchisees can also grow thanks to organic exposure,” explained Feaster. “Even if neighbors don’t ask a client about Dog Training Elite directly, they will certainly notice the branded vehicle in their neighborhood and will often take note of how much progress their neighbor’s dog is making, even if they’re noticing from afar.”

Franchisees Have the Potential To Secure a Strong Return on Investment

According to the brand’s 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document, franchises open two to five years reported an average gross profit of $356,333 in 2022 with the top-performing location in the subset reporting over $1.1 million in gross revenue.

“If you want to turn your Dog Training Elite into a million-dollar business, you can do that,” said Feaster. “And it won’t take you a decade to grow to that point. The demand is there, and there is incredible potential available to franchisees who want to chase that goal.”

As Dog Training Elite works to award 30 territories in 2024, targeting key markets in California, New York, Oregon and Idaho, it offers a compelling investment opportunity for franchisees looking to join a standout system.

“There is still major room for growth, and we have the right team in place,” said Feaster. “There is so much love for this brand and our mission throughout the team, and we’re going to continue to hit it hard in 2024 in an effort to make communities better through well-behaved pets and well-trained service and therapy dogs.”

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