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The Dallas Express: How This Dog Training Elite Franchisee is Making a Difference

Dog Training Elite franchisee Phil Howard recently spoke with The Dallas Express about the services the franchise provides in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Phil Howard, a former Navy search-and-rescue swimmer, transitioned into the franchise industry with a focus on making a difference in people's lives. Teaming up with his sister, Howard ventured into various health-related franchises before finding Dog Training Elite, a leading dog training franchise with nearly 250 locations nationwide. The brand was a natural fit due to its emphasis on mental health alongside physical health.

“Our number one investment criteria is that we want to make a difference,” Howard told The Dallas Express. “We want to sell products and services that can truly change people’s lives in a meaningful way.”

Dog Training Elite offers in-home training, primarily focusing on puppy and dog obedience to enhance cohesion in the family. Additionally, they specialize in training service dogs for individuals facing challenges such as PTSD, anxiety, autism and diabetes. 

Around 80% of the services Dog Training Elite provides happen in the clients’ homes, which  Howard says allows the learned behaviors to have a more lasting and significant impact. With 40 years of experience, Dog Training Elite provides task-specific training tailored to each client's needs, with a focus on utilizing suitable dog breeds for specific tasks. 

“In the last 2.5 years, we have been extremely blessed. We have trained almost 1,100 animals for families. This is a lot of animals if you don’t happen to have a point of reference,” Howard said. 

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