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This is Reno: Dog Training Elite Opens in Reno

In an effort to assist dog owners in raising well-behaved companions, franchisee Chris Bergman has opened a Dog Training Elite location in Nevada.

Chris Bergman, a long-time dog owner known for his adept training skills, has brought Dog Training Elite to Reno, Nevada. Feeling that his current job in the cannabis industry was no longer fulfilling, Bergman opened the franchise to assist others in fostering well-trained canine companions.

“When it came down to deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up, I really wanted to focus on dog training,” Bergman told This is Reno. “I did a lot of vetting when I decided to leave the industry I was in. I took it really seriously and wanted to make sure I did it right.”

Bergman has been training his own dogs for 15 years. While living in the Czech Republic with his three pit bulls, he ensured their exceptional behavior met European Union standards, confirmed by a veterinarian's endorsement and exceeding the capabilities of most dogs.

Upon returning to the United States, Bergman acquired a canine companion, Leroy. He characterizes Leroy as the quintessential lazy, goofy pitbull. While his obedience falls short of his previous dogs, he has made significant progress.

“Leroy had some challenges that he had to get through … a lot of things that I learned in class I’ve been able to work with Leroy on and see success in my own life,” Bergman said.  

With negative behaviors corrected, Leroy has become happier and adventurous, allowing Bergman to include his dog in a wider range of activities. Bergman's training services at Dog Training Elite encompass a broad spectrum, extending from general obedience to specialized service animal training. While the training of dogs generally begins in the comfort of their homes, the dogs may transition to group classes to refine their skills as they progress. 

Bergman pointed out that a significant obstacle in dog training is the tendency of people to quickly label dogs as aggressive. Instead, he emphasizes that most aggressive behaviors stem from fear. By fostering trust between dogs and their owners, and alleviating their fear, the franchisee says the reactive or "aggressive" behaviors will decrease.

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