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ecomaids Franchise Development Team Share 25-Year Bond Building Up Brands

With a long track record of success together, these executives at the cleaning concept know the right way to grow a franchise.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 1:13PM 12/29/22

When home service franchisor Happinest Brands formed in late 2019, bringing together cleaning concept ecomaids, lawn care company Lawn Doctor and pest control business Mosquito Hunters, the company was seeking talented development professionals who could aid in building up each brand’s franchising efforts. Sharon Cupach, who had freshly joined the team, knew just the person for the job: Shirley Warrington.

Cupach and Warrington started out their paths in franchising together 25 years ago at Proforma, a printing and promotional products brand. Over the next two decades, each developed decorated careers in the industry with major companies, and they remained close friends. 

“Sharon told me about this concept they were getting ready to launch under Happinest, and light bulbs went off in my head,” said Warrington. “I trusted her and trusted that if she was lifting up a brand, it was going to be a successful idea. I went with that trust, and it's been a truly fantastic three years so far.”

Warrington is now ecomaids’ director of franchise development, and Cupach is vice president of franchise development at Happinest. The women’s primary responsibilities are to bring candidates to the brand and educate and guide them through the vetting process. They work closely with prospects throughout the discovery and signing phase to ensure the partnership is a great fit for ecomaids.

“We believe in the same ideals for franchising,” said Cupach. “We want the same type of owners in our system. We are in such a great synergetic space, and we think the same way quite a bit.” 

When the brand was acquired by Happinest, it had only two franchisees. In the last two years, Warrington and Cupach have helped execute more than 120 units for new territories across the country. 

“We're having a lot of fun growing ecomaids. It's been an evolution for an emerging brand, and we have really started to fill the map and sweep the nation,” Cupach said. “We feel very solid about the franchisees we’ve brought into the system.”

The brand emphasizes rapid yet thoughtful growth; Cupach and Warrington are diligent about finding qualified candidates that match the brand’s vision of an ideal franchisee. ecomaids seeks driven individuals who are invested in the business, have great management skills, want flexibility in their lifestyle and are organized. Owners also must advocate for the environment, one of the brand’s founding principles.

The franchise has relationships with some of the top broker and consulting groups, who show the concept to clients and explain why it’s a lucrative model in a growing space. It has also seen great success with its franchise development portals and has received some referrals from within the Happinest Brands system.

“One of our new ecomaids owners used to be our customer and was referred to the development team by the franchisee. We also had a recent referral from our sister brand, Mosquito Hunters,” Warrington said. “That’s neat to see, and I think it happens because people trust in the brand and believe in what we're doing.”

As they look to 2023, Cupach and Warrington remain on the same page about their goals to continue development and champion Happinest Brands’ mission to “build a house out of bricks.” The company is seeking to partner with business-minded candidates who have a strong work ethic, embrace personal development and believe in the ecomaids mission of green cleaning.

“The goal is to continue to be thoughtful and responsible about the type of owners that we bring in. We have designed the business for efficiency and profitability and are ready to offer this opportunity to more entrepreneurs,” said Cupach.  “We look forward to continuing the growth trajectory and having continued successes in 2023.”

The total investment necessary to open an ecomaids franchise ranges from $110,990-$136,379. For more information on franchising opportunities with ecomaids, visit

About ecomaids

Since becoming a part of Happinest Brands, ecomaids has become the fastest-growing cleaning franchise in the United States. Our mission is to deliver a spotlessly clean home every time by using only green and eco-friendly products & services. Our non-toxic, allergen-free Green Seal-certified products are designed with one thing in mind – protecting families, loved ones, and pets. Our professional cleaning staff utilizes a comprehensive 64-point cleaning checklist to ensure we never miss a spot, and our Satisfaction Guarantee means customers always get the cleaning experience they expect.

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