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How Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs Wins with Consumers

The growing gym concept focuses on smaller markets where they can grow a strong community presence.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 7:07AM 09/13/22

As Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs grows, the team behind the 18-unit fitness franchise with locations in Illinois and Indiana is very focused on what differentiates the brand from other gym concepts. With interest in fitness growing over 45% between 2010 and 2019, it’s becoming increasingly important that businesses harness their target consumers. 

Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs offers a number of things that set the franchise apart from big name gyms, and those features are what the brand tries to highlight as its best selling points. 

One of the best ways that the brand ensures it wins with consumers is carefully choosing its locations in smaller tertiary markets.  

“We typically go into smaller towns that have never really had a full service gym. We fully engage with the community and support them in all of their fitness needs,” said Eric Greenhill, multi-unit owner with six Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs locations. “With 14 of our 18 locations we were first to market in smaller farming communities with 7,000 to 10,000 people. There's not really competition, so we get to be the focus of fitness through those small towns.”

Another major selling point for the brand is the access to amenities members receive for a relatively low-cost. Their base memberships cost under $40 a month, and offer full access to the facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs locations have hydromassage therapy beds, saunas, tanning beds, and kids clubs - all  included within the price. 

“There is no upsell. Most clubs make you pay extra for each of those services or just don't have them,” explained Greenhill.

One of the most influential factors of why people choose Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs over other gyms is the community feel that’s created at each location. While some concepts have staff that is pretty hands-off, that’s not what members get at Fitness Premier.

It is a very different approach than the bigger box brands. Our staff is fully engaged trying to give members the best possible experience they can when they step foot in one of our spots. Everybody knows your name when you walk in, and you don't get lost in the minutia of being part of a big gym where you are just a number,” Greenhill said.

And it’s not just familiarity and a close-knit atmosphere the brand offers. The staff there helps keep members accountable to their fitness goals, offers nutrition advice and works alongside people in their fitness and wellness journey. 

“When they sign up, they mark down what their goals are for frequency. So we check in on them frequently, if we see they aren’t coming in as much as they committed to. It’s great for retention,” Greenhill added. “If they're gonna take the time to sign up and pay every month, the least we can do is take the time to understand their fitness needs and help them in every way.”

Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs is looking to continue its aggressive expansion plans and bring more gym locations to suitable markets in the Midwest.  

“We have found a tremendous rhythm with our training programs for our team members that truly empower them to go back into every community we serve and make a difference.  For us, that is our true differentiator - our great people that own, operate, and work in our clubs daily,” said  Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs CEO Jason Markowicz.  We have some really exciting growth plans set for the rest of 2022 and we couldn’t do it without the great people in our company.”

About Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs:

Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs is a fast-growing, 18-location, fitness concept that creates a community with its staff and guests. At Fitness Premier 24/7 clubs, some of the amenities include 24/7 Access, Hydromassage, Group exercise classes, supervised kids club, and training & nutrition programs. Backed by franchise executive Jason Markowicz and his franchisee-focused corporate team, Fitness Premier differentiates itself with great people, culture, and systems compounded by a growth focus in strategic markets. To learn more about franchise opportunities, visit