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KWQC-TV: Indoor vs. Outdoor Exercise During Cold Weather Season

Fitness expert from Premier Fitness addresses potential concerns and offers advice for those looking to stay active during the colder months.

By Aryanna Cannoy1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 11/15/22

As the colder months begin, many people are forced to choose between exercising inside or outside. Maggie Wells, the owner of Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs Geneseo, recently provided some advice for those who are about to begin their fitness journey and those who are continuing their journey into the colder months. 

“My background is in cardiology. I’ve worked in healthcare for the last 20 years. So stepping away from that and moving into the fitness world, I really want to try to help people maybe avoid some of those things,” says Wells. “Helping them decrease their risk for high blood pressure, or even helping them even get off of blood pressure medicine, helping them lower their cholesterol, or even lower their risk of diabetes all through exercise.”

Part of Wells’ role as the owner of Fitness Premier has been to help those find what exercise routine works best for their clients, and that includes exercising inside versus outside in cold weather. One of the benefits of exercising outdoors is that the exercise can feel less intense, and you get the added benefit of getting vitamin D, which helps us feel better naturally. Wells says that, ultimately, it’s a preference. If you feel comfortable getting your three 20-minute sessions of vigorous exercise a week outdoors when it’s colder, then that is the path you should take. 

To hear more advice about exercising indoors versus outdoors in the colder months, view the full interview with KWQC here.