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5 Reasons To Invest in a Footprints Floors Franchise in 2024

The flooring installation franchise brings something unique to the industry, standing out in the community while offering entrepreneurs a stable, flexible and scalable business opportunity.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 9:09AM 05/22/24

For entrepreneurs looking to break into the franchise or flooring industry in 2024, Footprints Floors, the 150-plus-territory flooring installation franchise, could be a great fit. The brand has over a decade of history and has successfully built a nationwide presence and strong reputation, establishing itself as an industry leader.

From its nimble business model to a purpose-filled opportunity, here are five reasons to invest in Footprints Floors in 2024.

A Flexible Model With Outsourced Labor and Materials Makes for a Nimble Business

Franchisees do not need flooring or construction experience to succeed with Footprints Floors. The franchise’s major differentiator is that it brings a more professional experience to the flooring industry — so the most important thing a franchisee can bring is a willingness to be involved, the ability to close deals and a passion for customer service.

Footprints Floors owners contract installation teams to complete the jobs they secure, and customers can source their flooring from wherever they like — owners do not stock flooring inventory.

“We’ve established national relationships and partnerships with well-known brands familiar to consumers planning home improvement projects. We have partnerships with brand names familiar to customers through home improvement television show commercials,” said Bryan Park, founder and CEO. “These are some of the biggest companies in the flooring world. Then, we also have a private line of products that we’ve built out but that still fits within our model of no brick-and-mortar, no inventory, no delivery trucks and no staff. Our franchisees carry sample products that customers can explore, purchase online and have it delivered to their door. We’re able to sell these products without having to deal with all of the logistics.”

These practices keep costs down for franchisees while reducing the time and energy they spend on technicalities. Because of this, they don’t get bogged down and can remain nimble, allowing them to adjust when necessary and make the most of each business opportunity.

Footprints Floors Sits in a Stable Industry and Offers Attractive Revenue Potential

"The flooring industry is experiencing substantial growth, and it's here to stay," Park said. "Flooring is a timeless necessity; it's not a passing trend like yogurt. Unlike businesses centered around a single product that may lose popularity in a few years, our industry remains essential indefinitely. Everyone will always require flooring. Our versatility means that we're not reliant on any specific type of flooring. So, even if bamboo falls out of style, we adapt and transition seamlessly to the next in-demand flooring option."

Footprints Floors franchisees can install hardwoods, luxury vinyl plank, tile and laminate flooring.

According to IBISWorld, the flooring installation industry was worth $28.5 billion in 2023, and Footprints Floors franchisees’ ability to address a range of needs within that market opens them up to secure, reliable revenue. In an industry with strong revenue potential, Footprints Floors’ continued growth makes the opportunity even more attractive. For example, in 2023, the brand saw year-over-year revenue growth of 177% and same-location sales growth of 21%.

Corporate Support Ensures Franchisees Start Strong and Keep Growing

Footprints Floors conducts rigorous initial training and maintains open lines of communication at all times to ensure franchisees both start strong and can stay connected to the network as they grow.

In addition to its proven training model, Footprints Floors continues to evolve, introducing even more learning opportunities to the system. Last year, the franchise launched Power Pack training weeks — week-long training sessions focused on in-depth learning about a specific aspect of the business. This creates even more space for franchisees to come together and develop their skills to better serve their customers.

"Our team is dedicated to providing unwavering support in any way we can," added Park. "We strongly believe that by nurturing, empowering, and fostering the growth of each franchisee, we enhance the overall success of the entire network. Our focus isn't solely on profits and financial metrics; rather, we prioritize cultivating knowledgeable and well-prepared franchisees. This approach naturally leads to sustainable revenue generation, supported by our team's commitment to enable such success."

Operational Simplicity and Flexibility Make Footprints Floors Quick To Scale

Footprints Floors is a mobile business, and that comes with a lot of benefits. Rather than making huge investments in brick-and-mortar locations and inventory, owners can get trained up, launch quickly and begin making relationships and closing deals.

“The mobile model is a fundamental aspect of the business model. Showrooms can cost up to $30,000 per month to operate and maintain. Why don’t we take that money and invest it in marketing?” said Park. “Hoping someone finds you at the back of a complex that they never go to is a lot less effective than digital marketing. We reinvest that money in a more impactful way.”

Many customers are more likely to engage Footprints Floors because they are more visible, and once the relationship is started, the team goes to the customer.

“They don’t have to come to us. That’s a big deal,” added Park. “We go to them, and franchise owners can go anywhere within their territory without the constraints of a single showroom location.”

Better yet, when a Footprints Floors franchisee is ready to expand to additional territories, the growth is relatively affordable. The cost to add another territory is much lower than the cost required to build a new office or retail space, and owners can launch new territories very quickly to begin making a return on their investment.

Footprints Floors Is More Than Just a Flooring Franchise

Park often says that Footprints Floors franchise owners are in the people business. Local franchisees can build a successful business for themselves and their families by bringing a much-needed resource to their communities. Each Footprints Floors franchise creates local jobs and offers high-quality flooring installation services, improving the lives of every person (and their families) that they work with.

"Empowering our crews with job opportunities means more than just work; it means supporting their families," explained Park. “One of our franchisees beautifully exemplified this by fostering deep relationships with his team. He invites them over for dinner, visits their homes, meets their families, and builds genuine connections. It's more than business—it's a family affair that extends beyond the workplace.”

At a larger scale, franchisees can rest assured that they are a part of a business ecosystem that shares their values. The Footprints Floors corporate team oversees the First Fruits Fund, the franchise’s nonprofit arm that gives back to community organizations nationwide. This year, Park says they’re “doubling down” with the fund, planning to make an even bigger impact.

An investment in a Footprints Floors franchise is an opportunity to build a meaningful business for yourself and your family, bring higher-quality flooring installation services to your customers and support families in your very own community. With its proven business model, low overhead costs and strong reputation, the brand offers a prime combination of stability, flexibility and growth potential.

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