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5 Reasons Why 2021 Is the Year To Buy a Footprints Floors Franchise

The home-services franchise industry is already booming, so this fast-expanding brand explains why this year is a great time to get in on the ground floor.

If you’re thinking about taking control of your career by investing in a home-services franchise, you’re in good company. Home-services brands are booming.

Look no further than flooring-installation franchise Footprint Floors for proof. 

While 2020 challenged even the mightiest of brands, this 100-plus-unit Denver-based flooring franchise just kept growing. It opened 64 franchises last year, awarding nine franchises in just one 10 day stretch in December alone. 

“Heading into 2021, we've never had such wind at our back,” said Bryan Park, Footprints Floors’ CEO. “I’m excited about our growth, but I’m also encouraged by the number of current franchise owners who are expanding. I think that’s the best testament to the faith they have in this brand, and the opportunities that wait for us in the coming years.”

In other words, there’s been no time like 2021 to become a Footprint Floors franchise owner. Here are five reasons why:

1.) You’ll Be Part of a Recession-Resistant Industry

Despite other economic sectors that suffered during the pandemic, Footprints Floors was busier than ever. As remote work and virtual learning took off, families wanted to make homes more comfortable, functional and attractive. And that starts with floors. 

About three in five homeowners (61%) have done home improvement projects since March 1, 2020, according to an August 2020 NerdWallet survey. Those homeowners, on average, spent $6,438 on those projects.

And let’s talk demographics: The housing market is booming. The Millennial generation is house hungry, and Gen Z is close behind them. As they prepare for homeownership, they’ll need to update aging housing stock to meet the current trends and tastes. 

2.) You’ll Benefit From Multiple Revenue Streams 

Footprint Floors offers more than just hardwood floors. As a franchise owner, you’ve got a diversified product line able to satisfy almost any customer need: vinyl flooring, tile work, floor restoration and laminate. That means you’re able to broaden your customer base, as well as provide additional services to existing ones. 

3.) You Don’t Have to Hassle with a Brick-and-Mortar Location 

Forget expensive showrooms or commercial building leases that cut into your bottom line. You’ll save thousands of dollars in mortgages, rent and insurance by working remotely. 

4.) You Can Work From Wherever You Want 

As a Footprint Floors franchise owner, you have the ability to create your own work environment as well as a schedule that fits your needs. That gives you the control you need to better balance work/life obligations, while at the same time earning a good living to support your family.

5.) A Team That’s Invested in Your Success 

The corporate support provided to franchisees is second to none. You’re set up for success from the start. You’ll get a two-week on-site training, a corporate receptionist assigned to your franchise who helps schedule estimates and follow through with customers.  

In fact, our franchisees say corporate support and caring is a big factor in their success.  

"A Footprints Floors ad caught my eye, the financials were compelling, but it was the people that brought me in,” said Clinton Morse, a franchisee from Columbus, Ohio. “On discovery day, I met and talked to a variety of members on their team. I was certainly happy with what I experienced. Another key for me was that Footprints Floors is set up with the support of the central call center for scheduling."

The startup costs for a Footprints Floors franchise range from $68,130–$95,580, which includes a franchise fee of $60,000 for a single territory. To learn more about franchising with Footprints Floors, visit

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