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Footprints Floors Hits 50 Franchise Territories Milestone

Despite a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, home improvement and flooring franchise Footprints Floors has signed 36 new territories, bringing more jobs to local communities across the country.

In a year that has been tough for many businesses, home improvement and flooring brand Footprints Floors has found its stride. The Colorado-based franchise has seen an average increase in same-unit revenue of over 97% percent during the pandemic and has signed 36 new franchise deals this year. Footprints Floors is also anticipating another 13 locations to sign by the end of 2020, a feat that may not have seemed possible when the pandemic began in March.

Though the brand’s leadership couldn’t have predicted COVID-19, the Footprints Floors business model is well-suited to face its challenges. The brand is able to serve customers safely through virtual estimates — a practice implemented by Footprints Floors leadership in March. CEO Bryan Park attributes the brand’s recent success to Americans tackling home improvement projects they had long been putting off. Now, with additional time at home, customers are finding the time and energy to complete necessary tasks and are looking to Footprints Floors to aid them in these projects.

“Much of our profit right now is derived from either people’s boredom with their space or their determination to fix things that have been broken for a while, now that they have the time,” said Park. “We are well-equipped to help customers achieve their goals at a safe distance and in a cost-effective manner. We are thrilled about the traction we have made this year, both in providing a much-needed service for consumers and bringing on new franchise owners to our team.”

The brand’s success is likely to continue into the new year, with construction of new homes in the U.S. up more than 23 percent. As homebuilders bounce back from a slump that occurred at the height of the pandemic, Footprints Floors will be right there with them, ready to build.

“We’re primed and ready to take on the country,” said Park. “Our business model has a lot to offer the construction industry and those looking to finish their homes. The pandemic may have slowed the progress of their projects, but we can help customers make decisions quickly and effectively with our knowledge of the industry and years of experience.”

Footprints Floors’ new territories span the country from coast to coast, and include units in San Antonio and Fort Worth, Texas; Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio; Nashville, Tennessee; Little Rock, Arkansas; Madison, Wisconsin; and Asheville, North Carolina. In spite of the challenging economic climate, new Cincinnati franchisee Mike Swofford said he felt supported throughout the opening process by Footprints Floors’ corporate team.

“Initially I was very concerned about opening during a pandemic,” said Swofford. “I was going to get started at the beginning of May, but I decided to take a pause for a few months, just because of how uncertain everything was. While the business sounded good, I didn’t feel certain people would allow me in their homes to install flooring. In July, places began reopening with restrictions and things started looking up, especially for the home improvement industry.”

In keeping with the broader U.S. trend, Swofford noticed that Cincinnati residents were looking to initiate or finish renovation projects with their extra time spent at home. As the trend continued, Swofford and his team saw results.

“People were spending more time at home looking at their floors and realizing they wanted to get them done,” said Swofford. “We’re still really careful about protecting our staff and customers. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, it has been a really positive experience opening Footprints Floors in the midst of COVID-19. People are beginning to realize the importance of their home. It’s most people’s biggest asset, and it’s worth improving one's family living space.”

Heading into Q4, Park and the leadership team are ready to take on whatever further challenges the pandemic brings. If Q3’s success is any indication of what is to come, the brand will continue to see success well into the new year.

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