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How Footprints Floors Positions Franchisees On A Path To Success

Through multiple revenue streams, work-life flexibility, client support specialists and continual guidance from the top line, Footprints Floors is able to position its franchisees on a successful path right from the get-go.

By Taylor Karg1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 07/22/20

Since 2008, Footprints Floors has been providing customers the highest level of service and sophistication. Founder and CEO Bryan Park learned early on that the flooring industry lacked these two crucial qualities and took it upon himself to create a franchise that not only filled this void, but also offered franchisees an attractive business model, a robust support system and a low cost of entry. 

Eleven years later, Footprints Floors now has 18 locations across nine states—Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, Georgia—and has offered an effective business model with innovative elements and multiple revenue streams which contribute to franchisee success. 

The first of these elements is the business model itself. Park founded Footprints Floors to provide exceptional services around the installation and restoration of diverse media, including hardwood floors, carpet, tile floors, backsplashes and laminates. 

“By offering installation of all types of flooring, Footprints owners broaden their streams of revenue and create more opportunity for their business to grow,” said Jon Jarvis, Franchise Support Manager at Footprints Floors. “We don’t specify what we want customers to buy and we don’t get bogged down showing samples. Because we encourage the customers to pick any materials of their choosing, it allows for more people from various economic backgrounds to choose to franchise with Footprints. By not specializing in any one product, owners broaden their net to catch as much business as they can.”

As Jarvis noted, not getting bogged down showing samples at a brick-and-mortar location is an attractive characteristic of the Footprints Floors business model. “By not having a showroom nor commercial building, owners are saving thousands of dollars in mortgages, rent and insurance,” he said. “They are also saving money by not needing to pay staff to work in their showrooms and do not have to stock their showrooms with samples or materials, as well as spend time handling deliveries.”

The lower-cost benefits to not having to oversee inventory in a brick-and-mortar location comes with another benefit: enviable work-life flexibility.

“By not needing to be at a specific location, owners have the freedom and opportunity to be on the road winning jobs through estimates, all the while still managing the projects they have in the pipeline,” Jarvis explained. 

Unsurprisingly, then, the Footprints Floors model puts family first. Because the concept foregoes brick-and-mortar locations, franchisees can make their own schedules and be their own bosses, Jarvis noted. 

So, without a physical location to show customers, how do franchisees attain leads?

Footprints Floors leverages a team of professionally trained client support specialists that process and chase leads from all of its sources. The corporate receptionists schedule estimates and manage the follow-ups, allowing the day-to-day tasks of each franchise owner to be much more streamlined. Footprints Floors’ receptionists are specifically assigned to each franchisee—yet another practice the brand implements to help support its franchisees. “The receptionists are the lifeblood and are the main engines that drive the franchisees’ businesses by loading their calendars with estimates and by bringing a true sense of professionalism to an industry that is often sorely lacking it,” said Jarvis. “Franchisees have an entire team of professionals to call and text to ask questions, and we have an ongoing conversation going between all owners.”

Jarvis also noted that this group conversation is a great place for owners to ask questions, compare prices, and inquire about theories and best practices. New Costa Mesa, Arizona, Footprints Floors franchisee Steve Smith can attest to the support he’s received from the brand through its tight-knit communication circle. “If I haven’t reached out to Bryan or the other franchisees in a little while, they’ll reach out to me and ask how I am doing and what they can help me with,” he said. “I always appreciate the calls and the fact that they check in. They’re always in my corner.”

To keep its franchise system on the cutting edge of the flooring industry, the brand invites all Footprints Floors owners to attend the Surfaces Convention in Las Vegas every year, in addition to multiple special events and trainings. Effective networking between franchise owners enables people from all walks of life and career backgrounds to be successful at running a Footprints Floors franchise, according to Jarvis. 

Footprints Floors not only provides extensive resources to set franchisee up for success, but the brand continues to nurture and support those who sign on long after Discovery Day.  It is for this reason that the brand is able to retain successful franchisees from diverse professional backgrounds due to its streamlined training processes. The training process begins with a two-week on-site training at the corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The training is comprised of a unique blend of classroom sessions on marketing, sales and production and personal meetings with founder Bryan Park. Intermixed with the classroom days are on-site trainings where new franchisees shadow existing ones, going on ride alongs, home visits for estimates and seeing the crews in action. The corporate leadership team works with new owners to ensure they are all set up and ready to go within days of returning home from training, noted Jarvis. 

New franchisee Smith explained that being able to team up with other Footprints Floors owners during the training process helped him prepare to open and run his own location. “I was able to shadow Bryan and other owners, learning how they went through their day-to-day duties, seeing how they value their customers,” he said. “They taught me it’s all about getting to know the customers’ needs and meeting their expectations on the type of service and sophistication they were looking for.” 

“At Footprint Floors, we want every new owner to know and feel that they are part of the Footprints family,” said Jarvis. “From the initial training to the personal coaching from Bryan and constant networking and professional support from corporate headquarters, franchise owners have a definite advantage over their competition.” 

The startup costs for a Footprints Floors franchise range from $65,500 to $91,600. For more info, visit:

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