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Footprints Floors Owners Share Tips For Turning a Starter Home Into a Forever Home

Well-planned flooring upgrades can boost the appearance, value and longevity of your home to fit all life stages. Here's how the Footprints Floors do it.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 12:00AM 02/22/24

After years of uncertainty in the real estate market, many families are now thinking about how they can turn an intended starter home into a forever home. While there are multiple home renovations that can be completed to level up both the look and functionality of a house, making a change in flooring can be one of the most impactful steps.

“One thing to think about when you’re investing in floors, because it can be an investment for sure, is that this is something that is going to last a very, very long time,” explained Hayden Sutton, owner of Footprints Floors of Minneapolis. “This isn’t just painting a wall that you can switch every year. This is something that’s going to be around for a long time.”

Because floors go throughout the home and are impacted by all residents from adults to children and pets, making the right decision is crucial. Choosing the right flooring can be a crucial step toward creating your forever home, especially given that your perception of the flooring can change over time.

“At least 30% of the homes we’re in are those of people who just bought the home,” explained Ralph Clark, owner of Footprints Floors of Maine. “They say, ‘Oh, we loved it when we moved in, but it’s not wearing well.’ Or, ‘We’re now seeing all the issues that we didn’t see initially.’”

Regardless of when you make the decision to address the flooring issues in your starter home, the professionals with Footprints Floors offer a clear-cut process to choosing the right upgrade. Working with a professional who will help you to evaluate your needs and preferences will ensure you are able to make the best selection for your family, climate, aesthetic preferences and even budget. Sutton and Clark recommend considering the following:

  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have kids?
  • How active is your household?
  • What trait is most important to you in a flooring solution?
  • How might the weather in your area affect the type of floors you need?
  • Is adding value to your home a priority?


“When we’re dealing with customers, the number one thing is trying to really understand what they’re wanting out of their floor,” said Sutton. “It depends on the people and what phase of life they’re in. Some people who are expecting their first child are looking for something durable and somewhat kidproof. Some couples really want something more aesthetic like a nice, beautiful hardwood floor.”

By talking through all of the considerations, Footprints Floors owners are able to provide their professional insights and support their customers in choosing the right flooring option that will be a better fit for the home long-term.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring offers a hard, scratch-resistant finish that’s ideal if you’re  looking to transition away from carpet flooring, but aren’t interested in hardwoods. LVP can also be a great option for those who live in cold or wet climates as their waterproof and water-resistant options offer peace of mind, even when it’s rainy or snowy.

Tile flooring is an ideal solution for both bathrooms and entryways as it can be both beautiful and durable, and it is relatively easy to clean.

Wood flooring is definitely an option worth considering for those looking to add value to their home. Footprints Floors can provide a high-quality, commercial-grade finish that makes real wood floors even more durable and scratch-resistant.

“I will lay out what your options are and tell people my opinion or what I recommend as the flooring professional, but ultimately, we are here to do a service for you,” added Sutton. “I’m not going to go against my professional training or do something incorrectly, but beyond that, it’s not my house. It’s not my decision. I am going to listen to a customer’s needs, give them all of the options and go with whatever they have selected.”

No matter which flooring option you ultimately choose, it’s worth the time and effort required to make an informed decision.

“Floors are the first thing your guests see when they walk in. They are the first thing you stand on when you get up in the morning,” said Clark. “Even though the process can be tough and a lot of work, there’s always a solution to every problem, and it will be worth it in the end.”

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