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Nation’s Restaurant News: Look Who’s Franchising Now: Summer Edition

In May, Chef Grégoire Jacquet and his team announced the launch of franchising opportunities to bring his restaurant in a unique category to new markets.

By Leah Holloway1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 10:22PM 08/13/22

Chef Grégoire Jacquet opened Grégoire in 2002 after 15 years as a chef at several five-star rated restaurants around the world, including the Ritz Carlton. Jacquet wanted a restaurant rooted in the community and serving high-quality food using farm-fresh and housemade ingredients. His self-named fine-dining fast-casual restaurant is now launching franchise opportunities for owners to open their own Grégoire restaurants.

“I always felt that this was just a fantastic business model,” says Jacquet. “It's a profitable business with low food and labor costs because it's so compact. It's perfect for high-density metropolitan locations and food on the go. I see one day having a Grégoire in every major city.”

Jacquet has a goal of opening 8-10 locations over the next two years, mainly opening in West Coast markets like Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Napa, with the cost of opening a franchised store ranging from $298,924 to $420,100.

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