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How Integrity Franchise Group Prepared This Franchisee for Success

Del King, a business development consultant with Legacy Business Financing, found his perfect franchise fit through the transformative guidance offered by Integrity Franchise Group.

Embarking on the franchise journey can be a difficult venture filled with uncertainties, especially when seeking a path that aligns perfectly with one's passion, skills and entrepreneurial spirit. However, for Del King, a seasoned entrepreneur, the road to discovering his ideal franchise opportunity was made clear and promising, thanks to franchise brokerage Integrity Franchise Group and its founder, Lisa Welko.

King, a man with a diverse entrepreneurial background including ownership of an Allstate insurance location, a mortgage broker firm and a tax business, found himself at a crossroads, unsure of his next venture. His introduction to Integrity Franchise Group began with a serendipitous LinkedIn message from Welko. 

"I decided to at least listen to what she had to say," King said. “My view of franchises had always been limited to fast food chains and the like, but she broadened my perspective, both into the options available and into what I wanted for myself.”

Integrity Franchise Group stands out for its commitment to providing personalized, knowledgeable and comprehensive support to its clients. In the early 2000s, Welko started her own franchise system, Ellipse Fitness, and operated as a franchisor before eventually selling the concept 15 years later. She’s also currently a multi-unit franchise owner of GameDay Men's Health, along with her husband. In 2014, she decided to turn her attention toward helping other entrepreneurs like King achieve their goals by founding her own franchise brokerage, Integrity Franchise Group. 

Throughout the process, what truly set Integrity Franchise Group apart for King was the team’s commitment to understanding him as an individual. 

“I really had no idea what I wanted to do next, but Lisa was able to go through various personality assessments to determine my skill sets, my interests and my preferences,” King said. “She also vetted any brands I was interested in, making sure they were trustworthy and worth my time.”

Eventually, the duo narrowed down all of the options to just one: Legacy Business Financing, a business consulting franchise.

“Most entrepreneurs are salespeople, or end up hiring one, so it's very important to sell something you believe in,” King said. “Lisa and I really shared this mindset, and it is what brought me to Legacy. I love the idea of consulting businesses and helping them gain access to capital. Business has its highs and lows; during both, capital is essential. Managing cash flow is critical. I enjoy helping people with various funding opportunities.”

Now, as a business development consultant with Legacy Business Financing, King has officially been running his business since April of 2022.

“Over the last two years, I've learned a lot and it's been an incredible journey,” said King. “The team at Integrity truly prepared me for success. I’ve already started conversations with Lisa about opening another franchise!”

And the word “Integrity”, as Del and many others have found, is not just a part of the organization's name but a foundational principle. Del praises Lisa's honesty and the genuine care she invests in her clients.

"They really live up to their name,” said King. “They prioritize your best interests, not just making a sale. There's a genuine quality to their guidance and the information they provide. Just like I do with my clients, Lisa sometimes advises against certain deals if they're not in the client's best interest. That kind of honesty really fosters trust.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the complex world of franchising, King’s advice echoes the sentiments of many who have found their calling through Integrity Franchise Group: embrace the process, trust in genuine guidance and pursue what you truly enjoy.

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