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How This Former CFO Found His Dream Franchise Fit with Integrity Franchise Group

David Chang's transition from the confines of corporate America to thriving franchise ownership showcases the remarkable transformation achievable with expert guidance and the perfect opportunity.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 03/15/24

After a rewarding finance career spanning over 30 years in corporate America, including two CFO roles, David Chang found himself at a crossroads. While he had always wanted to own a business of his own, he was also turned off by the potential uncertainties of starting something from scratch. He needed income replacement, quality of life and strong back-office support. He was looking for a venture that would allow him the freedom to spend weekends with his family, yet still provide the financial stability needed with two kids in college. Finally, three years ago, he found the solution: franchising

Since Chang was brand new to the franchise space, he knew he would need the help of an expert to walk him through the process. These aspirations led him to Integrity Franchise Group, where he met Lisa Welko, a franchise consultant whose 20+ years of experience and dedication would guide him to find the perfect franchise fit.

Integrity Franchise Group stands out for its commitment to providing personalized, knowledgeable and comprehensive support to its clients. In the early 2000s, Welko started her own franchise system, Ellipse Fitness, and operated as a franchisor before eventually selling the concept 15 years later. She is also currently a multi-unit franchise owner of GameDay Men's Health, along with her husband. In 2014, she decided to turn her attention towards helping other entrepreneurs like Chang achieve their goals, founding her own franchise brokerage, Integrity Franchise Group. 

“Over three to four months, Lisa meticulously presented several concepts weekly, aligning them with my requirements and encouraging me to consider options I hadn't previously thought of,” said Chang. “We explored over 30 franchise opportunities, from trash compactor companies to online rental management properties.”

Welko’s approach was not only about presenting options but also challenging Chang to consider opportunities beyond his initial scope. “One of these was Enviro-Master, a business I wouldn't have considered on my own, but now, I'm incredibly pleased that I did," he said.

Enviro-Master is a commercial cleaning franchise that focuses on the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases. The company's cost-effective services include industrial cleaning, disinfection and sanitization. It was the unique appeal of Enviro-Master's recurring revenue model that captured Chang’s interest, a business model that promised growth without the constant battle for new clients.

“Once you secure a customer, your main focus shifts to maintaining excellent service, rather than constantly having to secure new business,” said Chang. “This stability was particularly appealing to me.”

Overall, Chang says Integrity’s thoroughness, organization and extensive network of professionals — including franchisees, lawyers and accountants — made the franchising process seamless. Welko ensured that Chang was well-informed every step of the way, turning the daunting world of franchising into a journey filled with potential and promise.

"Lisa's organization skills were exceptional — she handled the bulk of the work, preparing everything before our weekly meetings,” said Chang. “Being new to the franchise world, I was impressed by Lisa's patience. She meticulously walked me through the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and introduced me to a network of contacts. Essentially, it was a one-stop solution throughout the franchising process.”

In 2021, Chang officially opened his Enviro-Master franchise in San Francisco. So far, he says he has only one regret: that he didn’t do it sooner. 

“Since starting with Enviro-Master, the business has grown fourfold,” said Chang. “It’s been a tremendous ride and my plan for the next couple of years is to continue to invest, stay on the growth trajectory and hopefully pass it on to my children one day.”

For those inspired by Chang’s story and looking to embark on their own franchising journey, Integrity Franchise Group offers a pathway to success, free of charge, ensuring a future where dreams of business ownership can become a reality.

“I really can’t say enough about Lisa and her professionalism,” said Chang. “It's no surprise that she is so highly respected in the franchise industry. I recommend anyone thinking about franchising to give her a shout. She won’t pressure you. She is a true business partner.” 

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