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How Multi-Unit Franchisees Find Success with Lightbridge Academy

Over 40% of Lightbridge Academy franchisees have invested in multiple units with over 75% of centers in the franchise system being operated by multi-unit owners. — here’s why.

Lightbridge Academy, the leading early education and child care franchise, has established itself as a beacon of success for multi-unit franchisees. With a proven model and strong support system, it’s no wonder that 75% of the brand’s franchises are owned by Multi-Unit owners. 

“It’s a very replicable model,” said Joanne Sofia, Chief Operating Officer of Lightbridge Academy. “We provide high-quality child care in various parts of the country, from New Jersey to Texas to Florida. Our franchisees come from diverse backgrounds and usually want to expand, validating our business model.”

Raj and Veenu Parkash are multi-unit owners of four Lightbridge Academy centers in New Jersey, for example. “Most people think of child care as a simple business, but this is a specialized field,” said Raj. “It requires a lot of professionalism and support to succeed, from the moment you select a site to long after your opening. Lightbridge Academy makes the process easy and efficient every step of the way.” 

At the heart of Lightbridge Academy’s ethos is the Circle of Care philosophy, which integrates the needs of children, families, teachers, center owners, and the community. This holistic approach, coupled with innovative programs like ParentView Internet Monitoring and The Lightbridge Promise for health and safety, sets the brand apart and is a key driver in its expansion strategy.

“What has enabled us to survive and thrive over the past 18 years is the strong customer experience we deliver,” said Veenu. “Our families are so loyal that even when another competitor enters our market area, we don't lose students. It should be about customer service, cultivating relationships, and building a reputation. Focus on your roots. If those are strong, you can face anything.”

Support is another cornerstone of Lightbridge Academy's franchising success. With the necessary support in place to provide a strong and consistent customer experience, franchisees like the Parkashes have the opportunity to build an unparalleled brand reputation in their local community, which then lends itself to multi-unit development down the road. 

“I’ve worked for many brands, but our franchisor support stands out,” Sofia said. “With a great model, high demand, and excellent support, it’s easy to grow with us.”

Raj also highlights the extensive support they receive from the corporate team, which includes identifying premium real estate locations, guiding franchisees through the construction process, developing in-depth marketing campaigns, and more. 

“The support certainly helps keep everything consistent, whether it is operational, financial, marketing or staffing,” said Raj. “The business coaches and the corporate team really take the time to observe where the support is required — sometimes you don’t know which area you need help in. Everyone on the team is there to help.”

Lastly, unlike some competitors who are saturated in many markets, Lightbridge Academy strategically enters new states, bringing fresh opportunities and high-quality care. The brand signed one of its largest franchise agreements in a new market last year, for example: a multi-unit franchisee in Orlando, Florida, set to open seven centers. 

“In new states like Texas and South Carolina, our competitors have many locations, but we have the opportunity to be new in those markets and provide a new level of care to parents,” said Sofia. “We firmly believe that every market needs a Lightbridge Academy. Our brand presence enhances any market.”

To streamline the expansion process and reduce the time frame for opening child care centers in these new markets, Lightbridge Academy is proactively leasing real estate sites at the corporate level before franchise owners are signed. This strategy allows the brand to leverage its development partnerships to secure real estate in new markets while looking for franchise partners to eventually take over the business.

For those growth-minded entrepreneurs looking to expand their business portfolio with a franchise that combines strong values, exceptional support, and a proven model, Lightbridge Academy stands out as an excellent choice.

“We are very proud of our brand and of our franchise opportunity,” said Sofia. “The success of our multi-unit franchisees is a testament to the strength of our model, the comprehensive support we provide, and our unwavering commitment to high-quality child care. We believe that by fostering these strong relationships and maintaining our Circle of Care philosophy, we can continue to make a positive impact in every market we enter, ensuring that every child and family receives the exceptional care they deserve.”

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