Lightbridge Academy Facilitates Parent Survey to Better Understand What’s Important to Families
Lightbridge Academy Facilitates Parent Survey to Better Understand What’s Important to Families

Early Education and Child Care Franchise Discovers Parents Value Safety and Security Most

Lightbridge Academy, a leading early education and child care franchise with 35 open units across the Mid-Atlantic, is known as the Solution For Working Parents®, among its focus on customer service, implementation of technology, and curriculum that focuses on educating the whole child.

Recently, the brand conducted its annual specialized survey to better understand its Lightbridge Academy families and how the company can best serve their needs.

“Our results found that above all else, safety and security was the utmost important factor for parents when choosing an educational child care center for children - with 77 percent of participating parents ranking safety as the top concern when choosing a center,” said Lightbridge Academy Vice President of Operations Jaclyn Falzarano.

The third most popular response from parents on why they chose Lightbridge Academy was because they felt their children were safe at centers in the system. Parents want to feel confident that their child won’t be in danger while at the center, which is why Lightbridge Academy has many safety features incorporated into the buildout and operations of the locations.

“We implement various training sessions and internal operations at all of our centers to ensure that parents know their kids are in good hands and safe from danger at Lightbridge Academy,” said Falzarano.

Lightbridge holds monthly fire drills and quarterly lock down drills at all of its centers. There are also coded entry systems to keep out intruders, and everyone who enters a Lightbridge Academy building is required to show identification.

In addition to safety training and security procedures, the early childhood education and care franchise also equips all of its locations with high-technology video monitoring systems that can be accessed by Lightbridge Academy staff at the centers and remotely by parents.

The internal video monitoring systems installed at each center allow center directors to observe each classroom to mentor and support teachers while also ensuring policies and procedures are being properly implemented. Additionally, the ParentView Internet Monitoring provides parents with the ability to stay connected to their child’s day via a secure, password protected internet connection.

“Our video monitoring systems are unique in that they work both internally and externally, providing access to our families at home and our staff at the centers,” said Falzarano. “Not only can a parent observe their children’s safety while at Lightbridge, they are able to get a glimpse into the curriculum and activities their kids are participating in, as well.”

In the event of a medical emergency, Lightbridge warrants all teachers to be certified in CPR and First Aid and implements continuous professional development for educators based on specified State Licensing regulations.

“I’ve never worried about my children’s security at Lightbridge Academy. They have a biometric check-in and check-out system, and the teachers really work on fostering relationships with parents,” said Cathy Thomas, a mother with two children attending the Baldwin, NY location.

With the Parent Survey highlighting this top priority, Lightbridge Academy will continue to evolve its safety and security policies to meet the needs of families in the system. The franchise is further developing and building new locations throughout Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.

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