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Lightbridge Academy Values Excellent Customer Service Above All Else

Lightbridge Academy’s secret to creating exceptional customer service is to treat stakeholders like family

By Cristina Merrill1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 5:17PM 08/28/18

When it comes to Lightbridge Academy’s customer service practices, it all boils down to family.

According to Lightbridge Academy Founder and CEO Guy Falzarano, the main philosophy for the 20-year-old education franchise is that everyone who touches the company should be treated as family. Franchise owners, parents, and vendors, among other stakeholders involved, should understand that they are entering a community that highly values trust and building close relationships. 

“When we think about our family, we don’t place more importance on one person than another,” Falzarano said. “Everyone in our family is important, and we need to think of everyone in our Circle of care that way. As a result, we look to do whatever we can to make each stakeholder’s life journey a little easier.”

That philosophy extends throughout the culture from the home office team to Lightbridge Academy’s franchise owners, who are trained to prioritize customer service in every aspect of their operations.

“Customer experience begins with the first phone call inquiring about our service, all the way through Pre-K graduation, and then continues on for older children returning for summer camp,” Falzarano said. “Our success is all about developing a long-term relationship built on trust.”

Lightbridge utilizes cutting-edge technology in its efforts to bring families closer together. Parents and authorized users can login to an online video monitoring system called ParentView® to keep an eye on their children. A Parent eCommunication app, which allows teachers to send parents daily reports, photos and videos of their children throughout the day.

“We use technology not to show off the bells and whistles, but to bring people closer together,” Falzarano said.

Falzarano is currently in the process of writing a book about Lightbridge Academy’s customer service philosophy.

“The Lightbridge Experience,” chronicles the customer service that the company has provided since its inception 20 years ago. The aim of the book is to help solidify and replicate the culture of care in every Lightbridge Academy.

“It is a foundation for franchisees and their employees to use to build strong and supportive relationships,” Falzarano said. “It is my goal to give them this body of work to shortcut the process when opening and growing a new Lightbridge center. Our employees have delivered great customer service over the years. I wanted to capture those experiences and provide all employees with the tools to succeed and make a difference in the lives of all of our circle of care stakeholders.”

While Falzarano stresses the specifics of what administrators should be doing, it’s also important, he says, for employees to know that they can be flexible and creative when providing customer solutions. Lightbridge understands that no two families are the same, and so having that flexibility not only allows, but encourages people to go above and beyond to create exceptional experiences for everyone involved.

“The Lightbridge Experience is designed to create the framework in which employees have the flexibility to be creative to exceed customer expectations and also give them a clear understanding of how to meet the needs of our customers,” Falzarano said.

That commitment to superior customer service has proven an effective strategy for Lightbridge Academy, which signed an agreement in June of this year to open its 100th franchise location. As the franchise continues to grow, Falzarano says, our focus on the customer experience will remain an integral aspect of driving value and growth in a competitive marketplace.

“My goal is to provide a premier customer experience as an early education and child care provider,” Falzarano said. “It will continue to set us apart from others and will insure our continued success.”

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