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Forbes: How To Get Your Kids Interested in STEAM

IDEA Lab Kids Founder and CEO Ghazal Qureshi discusses her passion for integrating STEAM learning into your child’s everyday routine.

IDEA Lab Kids Founder and CEO Ghazal Qureshi’s role as a mother to three children led her to create a company that would provide an intellectually stimulating, hands-on after-school program, which her own community lacked. In a recent Forbes article, Qureshi emphasizes the importance of STEAM topics to children’s intellectual growth. By walking with your children outdoors, cooking at home, and keeping STEAM principles integrated in their activities, your children will be set up for success no matter what future career path they choose.

“I wanted to provide my kids with an education that was innovative and unique for them, but I couldn’t find what I felt they needed,” Qureshi told Forbes. “That initial desire grew into an idea to develop these same concepts for my community, which has now grown into an international business in a very organic way. I believe IDEA Lab Kids has been successful because my heart is and has always been in the right place — wanting to educate with STEAM concepts that are very necessary to the future growth of economies and countries around the world.”

IDEA Lab Kids has seen tremendous growth since their launch in 2011. The brand plans to reach 700 U.S. locations over the next four years.

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