bannerFranchise News IDEA Lab Kids Brings a New Approach to After School Education in Bakersfield

Herbert Liu, owner of Bakersfield's IDEA Lab Kids, discussed his new business and the benefits of STEAM learning with Reporter Taylor Schaub.

Bakersfield’s IDEA Lab Kids owner, Herbert Liu, opened Califiornia’s first IDEA Lab Kids location in January. In March, reporter Taylor Schaub interviewed Liu about his new business

IDEA Lab Kids is an after-school learning program that focuses on helping young students develop their science, technology, engineering, art and math skills (otherwise known as STEAM). Liu told he decided to open his IDEA Lab Kids business in Bakersfield to help inspire the next generation of STEAM experts. 

When asked about how the Bakersfield community has reacted to his opening, Liu told, “It’s been very well received. A lot of parents would come up to us and said this is exciting to have this here. That is something that’s sorely needed.” 

Liu also mentioned described what he found to be the most rewarding aspect of the job: that moment when that light bulb clicks in their head and they figure something out. That’s like the most rewarding part. It all is right there. When this clicks, and they get it.”

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