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Why IDEA Lab Kids Is an Ideal Franchise Opportunity for Passionate Mothers

The supplemental education franchise offers a proven business model and cutting-edge curriculum as well as freedom and fulfillment.

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate all of the hardworking moms out there, and IDEA Lab Kids is a brand that features many as franchisees. In fact, working mom, Ghazal Qureshi, started to franchise the concept in 2017 as an after-school educational enrichment program for her children that focused on the subjects of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). Since then, IDEA Lab Kids has been ranked as one of the top children’s franchises by Entrepreneur and experienced a 900% growth rate.

For many franchisees, parenthood was one of the main drivers for seeking out a business opportunity with the education brand. IDEA Lab Kids is the perfect choice for mothers looking for a good work/life balance and the opportunity to leave a corporate job in order to start their own small business. Plus, the IDEA Lab Kids business model provides multiple revenue streams that are adaptable to community demand including classes, camps and birthday parties.

No one knows this more than the brand’s CEO, Devina Bhojwani. “As a working mother myself, I understand the need for flexibility when it comes to career opportunities,” she said. “As an IDEA Lab Kids franchisee, mothers can choose when and what they work on. Plus, 90% of our franchisees are parents who have children in our program. They have seen the benefit and need for S.T.E.A.M. based learning and are able to relate to the brand’s mission. Mother’s make excellent IDEA Lab Kids franchisees because they know exactly what other families in the community are looking for and are able to meet this need.”

Tanisha Chea, a mother and IDEA Lab Kids franchisee in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a prime example. Chea and her husband wanted a business opportunity that would allow them to spend more time as a family with their twin boys.

“As I thought about the right company to pursue a franchise partnership with, my husband and I asked ourselves what educational experiences we would like our boys to have and how we could continue to strengthen the community in which our family will grow,” said Chea. “Like many parents, we want our children to be well-rounded and enjoy diverse experiences academically and socially. We also want our boys to thrive within a strong and healthy community that works together to invest in children and the future.”

With these goals in mind, Chea and her husband researched several franchise concepts. When they discovered IDEA Lab Kids, they knew it was a can't-miss opportunity and signed on to bring the concept to their community. “We live in Charlotte, North Carolina and my husband is currently opening the first location in South Charlotte in an area called Ballantyne,” said Chea. “Then we’ll hire a manager to run that center while we open one in central Charlotte called Myers Park and then do that same model and open one in Huntersville, in northern Charlotte. In addition, the business model allows me to keep my career going in the business sector.”

Bhojwani also pointed to this ownership model as one of the reasons IDEA Lab Kids creates an attractive work/life balance for working moms. “Since mothers can hire an employee to manage the day to day running of the center, they have more time to stay focused on family, driving sales and growing the top line,” she said.

To better position owners for success, IDEA Lab Kids offers franchisees a multi-faceted support infrastructure, which covers operations, marketing and financials. “We have a 350-page operating and campus opening manual that emphasizes the details of which checklists to have at the front desk, which classes to offer, how to train teams and more,” said Bhojwani. “Every little aspect of running a center has been broken down and simplified for the franchisee. The IDEA Lab Kids team also provides its franchisees with a brand guide and walks them through starting their own social media channels. Having to go through site selection and determining where to open an IDEA Lab Kids center can be a daunting task—we assist our franchisees with the real estate site selection and create a financial budget for their first year in operation.”

In addition to this leadership support, Chea and her husband love franchising with IDEA Lab Kids because it creates the opportunity to combine their own children's educational enrichment with what they do for work. “Right now, my twin boys are two years old, so they will essentially grow up in the business and that is exciting,” she said. “I feel like I can have it all and it's because of this awesome concept.”

Parental expertise also helps IDEA Lab Kids owners succeed. Chea notes that she and her husband make decisions based on what they would want for their own children, which results in only the best. “My husband and I are approaching this as a way to serve and strengthen our community and build the type of experiences we want our kids to have as they get older,” she said. “Children are always the ‘why’ and our twin boys are our ‘why’ who inspired us to bring the IDEA Lab Kids concept to the Charlotte area.”

When it comes to these unique educational experiences, there is nothing else like IDEA Lab Kids in the market. “Parents are always searching for unique and engaging opportunities for their children and even better if they can accomplish more than one thing at one location,” Chea said. “With IDEA Lab Kids, you can serve one child who has an interest in robotics and the other who has an interest in culinary and not have to make a trip across town.”

Although Chea’s two boys are too young to attend IDEA Lab Kids, the family is excited to enroll them in the center’s inaugural pre-school S.T.E.A.M. class when the time comes.

As IDEA Lab Kids continues growth in the U.S. and across India and the Middle East, mother’s all over the world have the opportunity to join the growing brand and bring innovative education to their families and communities.

The total startup investment for IDEA Lab Kids ranges from $160,500 to $373,000 including a $35,500 single-unit franchise fee. Financing options are available for those who qualify.

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