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How We Help You Define and Deploy Your Story

How using the why you, why now framework combined with a proprietary technology platform allows Mainland to gain momentum and lift for brands like never before.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
Updated 4:16PM 11/30/21

Have you ever been on an agency “strategy” call and been asked, “What’s new in your world?” or worse, “How’s the weather?”

While there is a tiny chance that a newsworthy story may come from that discussion, it will most likely be the same old story. 

At Mainland, we like to think differently.

How We Define Your Story

We'll start to sound like a broken record, but in front of every story and every campaign, we first define the why you/why now. Why will anyone care about your story, and why will they care about it now? So simple in theory, but tough in practice. 

When defining your story, we also do some hunting. Oftentimes you have story gold, but it's buried deep within people who work with you. We believe that brands don’t sell brands, people do.

Just like other agencies, we look at blocking and tackling stories like quarterly sales updates, new product launches, and upcoming openings. But we differentiate ourselves by looking at consistency of placement and the resulting impact to your website. We want to make sure every story we tell has a purpose.

How We Deploy Your Story

With the why you/why now secure, we now create story assets. This could be articles, social media, graphic design creative, digital ads or website content. Armed with the collateral, we amplify your brand through earned media (PR). Then, we package the earned and the owned media together to deploy again through paid methods. With a defined audience, this gives us a greater chance at delivering the right story to the right prospects. When we repeat this process, we gain lift.

We also have our own tech platform and publishing center at Mainland to gain momentum for our stories.

So you see, we are actually different. 

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