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How We Stand Out With Consulting, Delivery and Tech

At Mainland, we are not just an agency. We're a technology company. Here's how we challenged our model to be different.

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
Updated 5:17PM 11/30/21

It would be somewhat irresponsible of us to encourage our clients to identify a clear why you/why now (point of differentiation) and then be just like every other agency that says, “We are great at PR” or “We are great at content marketing” or “We are great at social media.”

So, we challenged our model to be different.

Yes, we do all of the awesome agency things. But we are not just an agency. We are a technology company. We have built a content marketing platform that takes stories, builds audiences for them, increases the distribution, connects the deployment and gives brands that better view of their brand that they deserve. And we boxed up our technology solution with a transparent dashboard where clients can see their ad campaigns and data in real-time.


See? A point of differentiation.

Our mission is to be our client’s last agency. We felt there was no way we could accomplish this mission without that clear point of differentiation. As an agency + tech solution, we are not only different but a disruptor. We are a little agency, a little publisher, a little influencer, and a little tech.

Why We Created a Tech Platform and Became a Publisher

We felt there was a need to decentralize storytelling. While the media is deeply valuable to our distribution strategy, we didn’t want only reporters to decide what a story was and what it wasn’t. We wanted our clients to be able to tell the stories that were meaningful to them, regardless of whether a reporter felt the same way. Armed with their story, we also wanted to create a solution to maximize the reach of that story — targeting the right audience in the right markets. These visions came together and helped us create 1851 Franchise, ESTATENVY, and Room 1903 to start.

As a technology company that happens to be an agency, data means more to us now than ever before. Who are the ghosts visiting your site? How do we feed them great content to encourage them to become a lead? How do we turn great leads into higher quality candidates? How do we build a relationship with existing customers? This is all achieved by carefully looking at data, through tech, created by content.

We dare to be different so that we have a better chance at becoming your last agency.