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Why Franchise Brands Are Struggling To Tell Their Story Consistently To Prospective Franchisees

As a franchise brand, where can you find great stories to build consistent content and gain traction to get your brand noticed?

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
Updated 4:16PM 11/30/21

Storytelling is tough.

Have you ever been asked to tell your story? Typically, you talk about where you work, not all those awesome things you do in your personal life, right?

Franchise brands typically struggle to tell stories too. Sure, they spend some energy building out content on their franchise website, but then what? That website sits dormant, rarely gaining more traction with more stories.

So, as a franchise brand, where can you find these stories?

  1. Target Market Growth: Shows that you have identified a market for growth, which can be used to elevate excitement for prospective buyers.
  2. New Franchisee Signings: Showing a supply and demand issue makes others see that the opportunity, especially in their state, is diminishing. It also shows that people are excited about your brand, which, in turn, should make the community excited about being a part of your brand.
  3. Real Estate Lease Signings: Shows that you are inching closer to opening in the market.
  4. New Openings: Especially if you do something cool — something that’s different from just another business opening in the market.
  5. Milestones: First year look back for new franchise owners, sales milestones, your own growth highlights.
  6. Quarterly and Annual Updates: Include number of units sold, opened, expansions, LTOs, etc.
  7. Counter Content: Answers to why someone wouldn’t buy your brand.
  8. Supplementary Content: How you handled COVID, and how you support franchisees in a new world.
  9. New Hires: Showcasing the depth of your support/leadership team.

When looking to build consistent content as a franchise brand, it's actually quite easy, as there are so many stories of people who are doing great things by entering into business for themselves.