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Mosquito Hunters Launches Humbug Holiday Lighting, Creating Attractive 3-in-1 Model for Franchisees

The mosquito and pest control franchise continues to evolve, offering multiple scalable service lines to support franchisees’ ongoing growth.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 04/09/24

Mosquito Hunters, the outdoor pest control franchise with over 140 active territories, is broadening its horizons. While the brand has consistently offered both mosquito control and perimeter pest control services, the launch of its new Humbug Holiday Lighting brand positions franchisees to capture additional revenue streams and build a stable, year-round business.

Humbug Holiday Lighting provides the design, installation, maintenance, takedown and storage of outdoor lighting during the winter months when many Americans are celebrating holidays.

“Over the past few years, we have innovated more aggressively than anyone else that I’ve seen,” said Andy Fuller, CEO of Mosquito Hunters. “That’s why we have these three different service lines combined. We’re the best, most memorable brand in mosquito and pest control, and Humbug Holiday Lighting is the best, most memorable brand in holiday lighting.”

With this most recent development, Mosquito Hunters is even more well-equipped to support franchisees nationwide in successfully building their empires, and it’s largely thanks to continuous innovation at the leadership level.

Mosquito Hunters’ Vision and Model

“At Mosquito Hunters, we exist to help budding entrepreneurs control their own destinies by building empires,” said Fuller. “It’s not just a matter of buying a business where you buy a job. It’s buying an asset that can appreciate every single year.”

Mosquito Hunters’ three-in-one approach creates an opportunity that does just this. Franchisees offer three primary types of services:

  • Mosquito control, which includes barrier treatments, mosquito stations and smart repellent systems
  • Perimeter pest control, which addresses more typical concerns like fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, rodents and deer
  • Holiday lighting, which includes the design, installation, maintenance, removal and storage of holiday lights and displays

“Entrepreneurship is an investment, and we believe in diversifying investments,” added Fuller. “That’s why we have these three different service lines combined — so you can lean into your strengths and lean away from your weaknesses.”

The Three-In-One Model Creates Stability and Predictability for Franchisees

Perimeter pest control, mosquito control and holiday lighting are recurring business models, and by pairing all three services under the same umbrella, franchisees can fill gaps in demand or revenue, benefitting their bottom line and boosting employee retention.

“We want to make sure that we’re able to offer everything we can that will bring some additional revenue. This is why Humbug Holiday Lighting is so attractive,” explained Vasili Foukarakis, a franchise business advisor with Mosquito Hunters. “What we’ve seen in past years is that franchisees will lose out on technicians or other good employees because of the seasonality of the business. With perimeter pest control, the season is a little longer than the mosquito control season, and holiday lighting is the perfect transition. Toward the end of mosquito season is exactly when holiday lighting will pick up, and that will carry owners over into January.”

Josh Ambrose, a multi-territory franchisee in Jacksonville and Saint Augustine, Florida, explained how holiday lighting has been a valuable addition to his business. Last year, Ambrose noted an average residential install cost of $1,400 to $1,500. When entering the commercial lighting space, a single job can bring in tens of thousands of dollars.

“People are willing to drop fourteen hundred dollars for holiday lighting — for one to two months of use,” said Ambrose. “That’s the equivalent of an entire year of services at Mosquito Hunters. It’s a different target market. And you might think that it’s only people with more money, but not always.”

Foukarakis noted that this is one of the key pieces of information he brings up when coaching franchisees on holiday lighting expansion.

“The holidays come no matter what,” he said. “People spend money. It’s a cycle that continues to run its course every single year, no matter the weather, the location or where you are in the country. Every year, the holidays are coming, and people love to spend money for the holidays.”

Holiday lighting is undoubtedly a valuable addition to the system, but it’s the way that all three key service offerings work together that makes Mosquito Hunters especially unique.

“I’ve doubled my territories because of the ground-game marketing and support from the brand, but the brand has also continued to grow the number of services it offers and that has been great for revenue,” explained Ambrose. “Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas services were the only ones offered when I started, but now there are so many more opportunities to generate revenue and continue growing my business.”

How Franchisees Create Even More Value for Themselves and Their Communities

Having three distinct revenue streams creates a baseline for success, but the nature of the work provides an additional boost of sorts. To put it simply, people are careful about whom they trust to work on and around their homes. For many families, the home is the biggest investment they will ever make, and if they can engage a team they already know and trust to do another kind of work, they likely will.

“My customers trust me and know me so they come to me first when they need additional services, which is what makes the ability to offer several service lines so great,” said Beth Willis, a multi-territory Mosquito Hunters owner in Michigan. “I got 50 new customers for six weeks of work [with Humbug Holiday Lighting], which I’m very pleased with.”

Strengthening trust with existing customers also positions franchisees to increase their referral business. When a customer knows that their Mosquito Hunters team communicates and does good work, they are likely to engage that same team for holiday lighting. When the same values and considerations are displayed again, the rapport is built even further. This makes customers comfortable with, and even excited about, referring their friends, families and neighbors to the business.

Mosquito Hunters’ Eye for Evolution Means a Bright Future for Franchisees

As Mosquito Hunters continues to grow, the entire team has kept its eyes on the end goal: to support entrepreneurs in building their empires.

“The vision is to help our franchisees increase the value of their assets every single year so that they can make more money than they’ve ever made in their careers. We’ve got the tools and we’ve got the model to do this,” said Fuller. “No one else in the home service franchising space has disrupted the way that we have, particularly over the last 12 months. No one else has an offering that’s three-in-one with mosquito control, pest control, and holiday lighting.” 

“Not only is Mosquito Hunters finding ways to increase your revenue so you get to profitability quicker than you would have four years ago, if you’re looking at the future, they’re constantly looking at things to improve,” said Ambrose.

As Mosquito Hunters continues to grow, targeting expansion in Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Colorado, Connecticut, Missouri, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Virginia, Fuller simply says, “We’re looking for owners who want to leverage this model to build teams and build empires.”

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